Super Bowl XLVI Logo Unveiled, Sneak Peek at Future Bowl Logos

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Super Bowl XLVI Logo

The logo for Super Bowl XLVI to be played next February in Indianapolis

Courtesy a video posted on the Super Bowl XLVI Host Committee site we have our first official look at the new Super Bowl XLVI host city logo, complete with Indianapolis’ Lucas Oil Stadium.

This now confirms the NFL’s previously stated plans to create a consistent brand for their jewel event, the only differences between the logos for XLV and XLVI are the roman numerals and a change of host stadium.

“Given its global size and scale, we really wanted a design that was permanent and that really could emphasize the prestige and stature of the game” – NFL chief marketing officer Mark Waller

This never-changing logo system was designed and proposed by branding firm Landor & Associates who had previously designed the logos for Super Bowl XL and Super Bowl XLIII, a quick hop, skip and jump around their website (or just look below) shows they’ve also posted the future Super Bowl logos they designed using their system for Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans and Super Bowl XLIX in Miami.  Yes, they look exactly as you think they would…

Future Super Bowl Logos

The logo of Super Bowl XLV alongside the future logos for Super Bowl XLVII and Super Bowl XLIX as submitted to the National Football League by Super Bowl XLV logo designer Landor & Associates

“A sports event of this stature needs a consistent, iconic identity—a symbol that fans can immediately recognize, much like the Olympic rings” – Landor & Associates

Touching on that quote above – the Olympics, of course, do change their event logo every time it’s held rather then re-use the same one over and over again with a different year — they use a logo that highlights elements and colours of the host city as well as the event itself.

Imagine if the Super Bowl did such a thing?  It’d probably look something like this.

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