Winnipeg NHL Team Name Update

Written By:  •  Tuesday, April 26, 2011

An update to an earlier post made regarding the name of a potential NHL team in Winnipeg for the 2011-2012 season.

The Manitoba Moose name is still the preferred choice by the True North Sports & Entertainment, Ltd. ownership group for a relocated or expansion team… unless the team that comes to Winnipeg is the Phoenix Coyotes.

As one would expect if it is the Coyotes who return to Winnipeg, TNSE would bring back the Winnipeg Jets name and logo.

It’s a logical move for the ownership group to make considering the Coyotes were once known as the Winnipeg Jets, the only apparent obstacle would be acquiring the rights to use the Jets name and logo, these rights are currently owned by the NHL and should be easy to get.

TNSE’s desires to relocate the AHL’s Manitoba Moose to Saskatoon are apparently still in place.

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  • Chris

    It’s got to be the jets! The Cleveland Browns are a perfect example. Their franchise relocated to Baltimore, and when they got an expansion franchise they chose to name it the Browns again. This certainly has not hurt their merchandising. The jets seem to be what everyone in Winnipeg want them named as well.

  • John Busseno

    I think the team should be called the Winnipeg Jets. They were the Winnipeg Jets before they moved to Phoenix, and I think they should be renamed the Jets should they do move back to Winnipeg. But, the first orfer of business is to see whether or not the team stays in Phoenix and remain the Coyotes or do they move to Winnipeg and become the Jets. I think they should go back to their original home.

  • JB

    I get the idea, since if it does end up being a team other than the Coyotes (namely the Thrashers) they won’t really be the Jets. But the Manitoba Moose just doesn’t sound right.

  • stets5150

    People of Winnipeg, listen to someone who can relate to this. Here in Minnesota, it’s not the same with the wild. i still miss the north stars. if the nhl returns to winnipeg, then they must bring back the jets. you want all your fans to come back, not just some.

  • Kevin

    I have to concur with everyone else. I think that the Jets name and logo should be brought back if the Coyotes move. I think stets5150 put it best: “it’s not the same with the wild.” I also think Moose isn’t a NHL nickname it just sounds so minor league. Think of what would of happen had Phoenix wen with the Road Runners as their nickname.

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  • EA

    If Phoenix had named their team the Road Runners, perhaps they wouldn’t be losing it. The Road Runners were incredibly popular, and the Coyotes just never caught on.

  • Aaron

    I agree with everyone. If it’s the Coyotes moving back to Winnipeg, then the Jets name should be retained. If it’s the Thrashers, it could still be the Jets. However, if they want to keep the bird theme, call them the Falcons.

  • Aaron

    Just had a thought. If Winnipeg gets an NHL team back and have their AHL affiliate in Saskatoon, couldn’t the AHL team and the WHL’s Blades co-exist? The Blades from what I understand have great fan support.

  • leighton

    how about winnipeg fighter jets?

  • Neonix

    Can’t believe it could be something else than the Jets… It just wouldn’t be the same. In Minnesota, it ain’t the same anymore with the Wild… And here in Quebec, it’s impossible to consider another name than the Nordiques… Should be Jets and Jets only.

  • I like the name in all but really what does a jet have to do with the city of Winnipeg?

  • logowah

    NHL hockey belongs back in Winnipeg!! Whatever the nickname, it will be nice to have them back. Love to see a Detroit-Winnipeg rivalry!

  • ARTnSocal

    SABRES fan here … I in the worst way wanted to still be the Buffalo BISONS with the pepsi-cap logo when the SABRES came into the league. Now that would have worked. I miss the North Stars for Minnesota too. The Houston TEXANS should be the Houston OILERS but their fans didn’t raise a fuss when they moved to Tennessee as the BROWNS fans did in Cleveland.

  • thedevil

    i think winnipeg jets should be a team again. i think more fans will see more out of winnipeg than phoenix. im not saying phoenix is a bad team im just saying that more people will see more come out of winnipeg than phoenix

  • Bo

    Calling them the Jets makes too much sense. So, expect something ridiculous like the Wild.

  • Aaron

    I hear the Atlanta Thrashers are close to moving to Winnipeg. I don’t want to speculate anything yet until it’s official. If it happens, I’m pretty sure it’ll be an interesting name the team contest.

  • Bern16

    The jets would be a classic name but if there should be a change, id go with Winnipeg Freeze. With baby blue and white uni’s. Seeing as Winnipeg is FREEZing :p

  • Craig

    The name Jets, I’m pretty sure, relates to the long history of the Royal Canadian Air Force in Winnipeg. RCAF headquarters is in Winnipeg, and growing up there in the 70’s I remember seeing (and hearing)CF 104 starfighters coming and going from the Airbase. It would suck if a new team is not called the Jets….so much so I almost wish they would hold off another year in order to bring home Phoneix.

  • Birds Hill

    Winnipeg Polar Bears

  • Aaron

    If not the Winnipeg Jets, perhaps the Winnipeg Voyageurs?

  • este

    I believe the jets name comes from world war II. They used to produce aircraft in winnipeg for the war. I could be wrong but I believe hearing that!

  • leighton


  • I’m not a huge fan of re-using team names, so I say down with the Jets. How about the Manitoba Flood? There are not many names that don’t end with an “s”, so let’s bring one North of 60!

    • @Norman Weis: Moose doesn’t end with “S” either 🙂

  • Jergen

    Winnipeg Tomahawks

  • Ron Mac Donald

    why not Winnipeg Warriors, or Winnipeg Wranglers

  • Riel

    Jets! Jets! Jets!
    No one ever complained about the name of the team when they played in Winnipeg, why mess with a good thing. Any other name and guaranteed half the fans will hate it. In fact, I think they should use the exact logo and jerseys they wore during their last season, would be great for nostalgia and reconnecting with their fans.
    Go! Jets! Go!

  • I want the Jets

    Maybe the

    Manitoba Catfish

    Manitoba Muskies

  • Baldur Johnson

    The Jets are stil in Arizona so we should not use that name.
    The new name should be “WINNIPEG WOLVES”

  • Right

    Winnipeg golden jets

  • C.H.U.D. Reinhold

    Manitoba Moose was never a good name. Winnipeg Jets is a classic name, and it would be a shame if a relocated franchise didn’t take advantage of that.

  • Aaron

    Just thought of a few other ideas if it’s not the Winnipeg Jets…

    Winnipeg Lakers

    Winnipeg Rebels

    Winnipeg River Cats

    Winnipeg Skyhawks

    Manitoba Miners

    Winnipeg Bucks

  • Aaron

    A few more more ideas,

    Manitoba Gold

    Winnipeg Wolverines

    Winnipeg Northern Lights

    Winnipeg Blades (can’t get anymore of a hockey theme than that, especially if the Saskatoon Blades become their AHL affiliate)

    Winnipeg Ice

    Winnipeg Cougars

  • Riel

    Ok, I’ve thought long and hard on this and have come up with a few good names. I think these are all worthy of consideration:

    1. Winnipeg Jets
    2. Winnipeg Jets
    3. Winnipeg Jets
    4. Winnipeg Jets
    5. Winnipeg Jets
    6. Winnipeg Jets
    7. Winnipeg Jets
    8. Winnipeg Jets
    9. Winnipeg Jets
    10. Winnipeg Jets

  • simon

    It`s gotta be the Jets… look at the Montreal Alouettes. the team folded in 1982, came back for 4 miserable years as the Concordes, and folded for good in 1986. After the 1995 season, the Baltimore Stallions moved from Baltimore to Montreal to be re-named the Alouettes. The team has been a huge success ever since, selling out every single home game since 1999. It`s gotta be the Jets. Nothing else would do.

  • Everett

    I hope they get to name the team Winnipeg Jets too, but if not then how about The Peg a nick name for Winnipeg and a logo of a Peg cracking the ice with a mascot of a Peg? or the Winnipeg Comets. it’s white blue so you still will have white outs and still I think the was a history of Comets in Winnipeg too? or was that Soccer?
    either way a lot of people are happy NHL is BACk!

  • JKos

    Aaron, you are stupid. the Saskatoon blades are a WHL team. Not an AHL team…

  • neil

    jets is so old!!!!! jets name must GO!!!!! winnipeg pihranas is better then jets.

  • burbro

    1.Winnipeg thrust
    2.Winnipeg falcons
    3.Winnipeg bobcats
    4.Winnipeg eagles
    5.Winnipeg missiles
    6.Winnipeg rage
    7.Winnipeg raiders
    8.Winnipeg muskets
    9.Winnipeg chill
    10.Winnipeg huskeys
    11.Winnipeg rockets
    12.Winnipeg steam rollers
    13.Winnipeg fighter jets
    14.Winnipeg blizzard
    15.Winnipeg ice caps
    16.Winnipeg knights
    17.Winnipeg poler bears
    18.Winnipeg bull dogs
    19.Winnipeg cougers
    20.Winnipeg pirhanas

  • Aaron

    RE: Jkos

    I’m aware that the Saskatoon Blades are a WHL team, but if Winnipeg gets an NHL team, Saskatoon isn’t too far from there if they ever got an AHL team. You’ve also seen teams jump leagues in the past. All the WHA teams jumped to the NHL. The Rockford Ice Hogs jumped from the ECHL to the AHL. Same goes with the ABA teams (Indiana, Denver, New Jersey soon to be Brooklyn, San Antonio) jumping to the NBA. I know what you’re thinking,the WHA and ABA are no more. You’re right. But you get the idea.

  • Boston Johnny

    Yo everyone out there………..the perfect name for this new/old team is the…………wait for it………..Winnipeg Lakers…………you do have a wicked big lake up there right????????????picture this NHL & NBA finals…………the Boston Bruins vs the Winnipeg Lakers & the Boston Celtics vs the LA Lakers……….the name Lakers for a team in LA is garbage……….however they used to be in the Twin Cities which is a pissa name………..personally I cann’t stand the name Jets cus’ I can only think of that NFL team 3 hours south of me………….anyway I love the fact a “hockey city” is getting their team back……….CONGRATS……….move the Hurricans back to Hartford……….the Panthers to Quebec……….& the Coyotes to Hamilton……….finally Bruins in 6 & lets see the WINNIPEG LAKERS happen………PEACE

  • Andy

    If it can’t be the Jets, then rub Phoenix’ nose in it, and call them the Manitoba Timber Wolves!!

  • Jonathan Tremaine

    I thought I would weigh in on the NHL team name for Winnipeg. There seems to be a lot of history with the Jets name and I can appreciate that but here is a chance to make a change and start something new while still holding to the pride of the past.
    There is no replacing the memory of what was the Jets and what will be the new team will not be what the Jets were. So I say take this chance to start something new and fully support it while still holding onto the memory of what Winnipeg once had.
    One name that crossed my mind was “The Voyagers”. For me that name stirs thoughts of a new beginning forged with strength and determination. It’s a great way to honor a group of people that shaped our country and province.

  • Ryan


  • John

    Winnipeg Downtown Panhandlers

  • abe

    Winnipeg Flood

  • sbolt

    @ Boston Johnny

    First of all Boston in 6… HAHAHAHAHAHA dream on pal. Try Canucks in 5.. Mayyybe 6. However I do agree with moving all the failing franchises in the USA back up to Canada. Bring teams to Quebec, Hamilton and of course bring the Whalers back to Hartford. Also the Lakers sounds stupid, try and get away from taking names from other teams in other sports (LA Lakers, NY Jets)

    Then second of all the Winnipeg Wolves, Winnipeg Warriors, Winnipeg Freeze or maybe the Winnipeg Knights would all be awesome (think about logos before spitting out stupid names like Lakers, Voyageurs, Panhandlers, Pirahanas). But then again we all loved the old Winnipeg Jets, possibly bring them back with an updated logo. Whatever the team name is I’m just happy to welcome a 7th Canadian back into the NHL, we need more than 6…

    GO CANUCKS GO! 40 year drought ends in 2011!!

  • Ted

    The Winnipeg Rebellion,


    The Winnipeg Strike

  • Ronald Harvin

    My name for the Winnipeg team is gona be a true winner. It’ll bring something old with a new twist…… Ladies & gentlemen I present you The Winnipeg JETSTREAM.

  • MacKenzie Jackson

    If it cant be the jets than i think they should be called…
    1.Winnipeg Lakers
    2.Winnipeg Rebelion
    3.Winnipeg Falcons
    4.Winnipeg Wolves
    5.Winnipeg Strike

  • Aaron

    Now that the Thrashers are bound for Winnipeg, bring the Quebec Nordiques back whether they be the Phoenix Coyotes, Florida Panthers or expansion. As for Hamilton, I’d love to see it happen, but it doesn’t look like the NHL or the Leafs or Sabres will allow it just yet. But hey, with the NHL returning to the Peg, anything’s possible. Right?

  • Logan

    They can only be the Jets. Of course, if they are updating the logo, maybe they should think of replacing the standard generic airliner logo with the Avro Canada CF-105 Arrow. A Canadian jet for a Canadian team.

  • PIKE

    MANITOBA PIKE <-it's badass.

  • Pross

    The Winnipeg Stealth, keeps with a jet theme but its the coolest jet of all….

  • Kevin

    To be honest, I think the Winnipeg Jets logo and colors are too similar to the one that Washington Capitals have now.

  • JKos

    @ Kevin, your right but the jets colours are based more on blue and Washington is based more on red.

  • Charles Winchester III

    Hey you guys, I have compiled a comprehensive list of all the best team names possible.

    The Winnipeg Lolly-Gaggers
    The Winnipeg Sand-Baggers
    The Winnipeg FlameThrashers
    The Winnipeg Hurricane
    The Winnipeg TrailMix
    The Winnipeg Fallopian Tubes
    The Winnipeg Louis Riel Hangers
    The Winnipeg Phil Housleys
    The Winnipeg Rectums
    The Winnipeg BikeThieves
    The Winnipeg Canflaoiluckeafators

  • Travis

    It won’t be Jets cause right now phoenix own that name right now

  • If they’re not the about Winnipeg Flood

  • Flower

    I’ve got the name!!!

    ….. Manitoba Blizzard!

  • JKos

    Travis, phoenix doesn’t own the rights for the jets. The NHL owns it and is willing to give the logo and name back to Winnipeg.

  • JKos

    The NHL owns the rights to the Jets name, and Bettman told Rogers Sportsnet the league would make it available if True North wants to use it

  • DLid

    WINNIPEG WOLVERINES ……….if not the Jets.

    (Logo would be awesome !)

    Winnipeg Wolfpack
    (guys from the Hangover on the front of the jersey)

  • Aaron

    If not the Jets, here are some other options…




    Northern Lights

    Warriors (maybe it’s been mentioned)


  • Alex

    how about the Winnipeg Wildcats? or the Winnipeg Wind

  • Todd

    I can’t believe how ridiculous everyone including the owners are in thinking that anything other than the Winnipeg Jets is an option. The jersey also needs to remain the same.

    I’m a Canucks fan and take it from me, I would puke if our team was named something other than the Canucks…especially if it were to be the Moose! I mean honestly…they’re big dumb slow creatures. No NHL player is going to want to put that jersey on, let alone play to win a cup in it. The majority of fans won’t like it either…the Moose as a name is a disgrace to the NHL; possibly worse than the Thrashers or Predators as a name.

    Somebody do something smart for a change and keep the Jets and the logo & uniform style. The same goes for the Nordiques if that ever happens again…it’ll be better for hockey, better for the fans and better for the franchise and owners in the end.

    Wake up and smell the coffee…brutal!

  • JKos

    The Jets are the way to go. Chang the jersey a little, keep the colours and change the logo to something a little more modern.

  • murray

    what about “yorkmen”. the boats were used extensively to open up Manitoba

  • whiskeymcclinton

    Take Jets, Falcons, & Thunder…put them together, and you get:
    Manitoba Thunderbirds.
    Include a Jet in the Logo, as the F-16 nickname is Thunderbird.

  • juggie

    Winnipeg Falcons as in Falcon fighter jet.
    The nose of fighter jet could be the falcon bird beak.
    Keep tradition and bring in new name.
    Winnipeg also has good industry based around building planes. I worked for few years at Boeing of Canada in Murray road. There are few others too.
    Of course our base was and is sensational.
    If nothing works bring back Victorias who won 6 Stanley cups and then like senators we can raise those banners too!:)
    Winnpeg Bears as polar bear logo will work nicely with whiteout also. Only other name would be nice is Wolves. Imagine the howling!
    SO FALCONS< VICTORIAS, BEARS and WOLVES– nothing else!

  • BobbyBillyJoeyTommySmencil

    They really need to keep the Jets name….
    If not Jets then the Falcons or Thunderbirds

  • Zaniac

    If somebody mentions the name “voyageurs” one more time, I am going to throw up. The “WINNIPEG JETS” is the only logical name. An naming the team “Manitoba XXXXXXX” doesn’t work either. 90-100% of season tickets sold are sold to Winnipeggers. Sure, residents in Flin Flon, Churchill, Elie, Dauphin, Carmen, Morden…etc can support the team by watching them and buying merchandise, but they are not supporting the team financially by buying tickets. Therefore, the team should be “Winnipeg XXXXX”…. just my 2 cents.

  • Gretzky

    How about :

    Winnipeg Snowbirds 🙂

  • Kyle

    Im with the guy who suggested Jetstream.

    Winnipeg Jetstream. That is cool. Its a nod to the Jets (WHO STILL EXIST IN PHOENIX), it has the throwback style and originality all in one. I like it, and I vote for it.

    I loved the Jets, but im against doing what Cleveland did.

    I hate the name Manitoba Moose. Its one of the coolest AHL names, and that’s where it belongs. How lame that they are seriously considering just taking the name of another team.

    I also hate most of these silly names people are suggesting…Wildcats, Wolves, etc. etc.

    The goal is to get away from expansion sounding names (like Thrashers, how terrible) and high school mascot names (Wildcats, Bobcats, Wolves, Spartans).

    Id rather see them be then Winnipeg Jets than 99% of every thing out there, I just think its stupid to have 2 franchises share a name in their history.

    Bring on The Winnipeg Jetstream!

  • mr steve rhodes

    Alot of these ideas for nicknames just plain suck. Either call them the Jets or just call them moving to Hamilton by 2018

  • Josh

    How about the most tenacious critter in the province?
    The Manitoba Mosquitos! Sounds killer 🙂

  • Chris

    Whatever they do, dont name the team the Winnipeg Falcons. As an Atlantan Im already saddened enough about the departure of our second NHL franchise, but to name the team as the same bird as our NFL team would just be a slap in the face.