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Busy week in the last few days of sports; as you are all well aware the Atlanta Thrashers have announced plans to relocate to Winnipeg, Manitoba in time for the upcoming 2011-12 NHL season, pending a vote amongst the team owners later this month.

If this relocation is approved it would be the first league-approved relocation of a franchise to Canada in the history of the four major sports leagues.  In 1980, the NHL’s Atlanta Flames shipped off to Calgary in a move that did not require league approval… my how things have changed in that league.

Of course what everyone in the logo world is concerned about is what this new relocated team will be called and what logo will they be wearing.  The new owners have been tight-lipped about this ever since the purchase was announced; but we do have some bits of information…

  • One misconception that’s been cleared is that the team can indeed call themselves the Winnipeg Jets if they so desire, the NHL owns the rights to the name and logo and Gary Bettman made it known that they’re free to use it.
  • In a, “Well, then it’s obvious they’re not going to be called the Jets” turn of events the new owners announced that the new identity will not be unveiled until AFTER 13,000 fans have committed to at least 3-years worth of season tickets. “So, you won’t support them if they’re not called the Jets, eh?  Take that!”
  • Another on-going debate is should it be Winnipeg or should it be Manitoba — here’s what fans from Manitoba think in an article from the Winnipeg Sun
  • When nobody can agree on what they should be called, it’s always best to consult local third graders as the Winnipeg Free Press did – so, Winnipeg Chufugaboos? I’ve heard worse!
  • Then again there’s also the news I broke about them leaning away from Jets in March and leaning towards Moose… if you ignore the bit about my source being wrong about where the AHL team was relocating to it’s still a solid lead!  Right?  Eh, at least I was right about the “no Jets” bit.

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