Ravens, 49ers Conference Champions Gear

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Congratulations to the New York Giants and the New England Patriots on winning their respective conference championships as the rest of North America looks forward to yet-another Boston-New York marquee matchup in the sports world…

Anyways! As with every major championship we here at SportsLogos.Net take great pride in posting the official merchandise produced for the unfortunate runner-ups of these championships, today we salute the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers and their almost championship victories.

As always, all of these products are indeed the official images produced by the official league shops in anticipation of an outcome different from what actually happened.

First up, the San Francisco 49ers 2011 NFC Championship merchandise:

San Francisco 49ers 2011 NFC Champions locker room cap

San Francisco 49ers 2011 NFC Champions locker room t-shirt

San Francisco 49ers 2011 NFC Champions pennant

San Francisco 49ers 2011 NFC Champions flag

And last but not least (except in their game against New England), the Baltimore Ravens 2011 AFC Championship merchandise:

Baltimore Ravens 2011 AFC Champions locker room cap

Baltimore Ravens 2011 AFC Champions locker room t-shirt

Baltimore Ravens 2011 AFC Champions pennant

Baltimore Ravens 2011 AFC Champions flag

Better luck next year to both the 49ers and Ravens, for their fans I hope the images above give you a glimpse of how sweet it would have looked if your teams could have pulled out a victory today.

If you’re a fan of this “phantom championship” merchandise like I am, then check out our Facebook fan page where we have a gallery of this junk going back to 2004!

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  • I don’t like how the AFC and NFC championship trophies are now identical.

  • Jeremy

    I love Sportslogos.net, but you made a mistake. (the first mistake on your stuff I’ve ever found.) All this stuff says ‘2011’ on it. It was the 2011 season, but 2012 Conference Championships/Super Bowl

    • @Jeremy, Tell the NFL, I didn’t make this merchandise – they did

  • Andrew O’Herron

    I want to buy this stuff hahahah

  • Barry

    Is this on the Facebook page under ‘Phantom Champions’ yet??!!

  • Patrick Mannion

    They were always identical. See this image:
    Different style pre-2011, but essentially the same look.

  • Matt

    @ Jeremy, it’s for the 2011 season. You can look at previous years to determine that. I kinda wish they say the 2011-2012 like the nba to eliminate any confusion.

  • Matt

    Btw, I love those hats! So long reebok! I’m not sure I will like the Nike uniforms, hopefully they will contain themselves to where they still look professional, and not like the Oregon Ducks…

  • SFforlife

    I didn’t think seeing the Niner stuff would bug me, but it does a little, it just reminds me we were that close after 9 seasons of suck.

  • @Matt, the Nike unis I have seen online are pretty sick. I especially like the Chiefs, Jags and Steelers jerseys.

  • Crix

    Who actually buys Conference Championship gear?

    Either it will be replaced 2 weeks later with Super Bowl Championship gear or rejected as a painful reminder of the road to a Super Bowl loss.

  • Ryan


    American Football Conference Conference Champions
    National Football Conference Conference Champions

  • LCSF

    @Daniel K., if you have seen Nike uniforms floating around the internet they are not real. Those have been created by fans. I have created a few myself for the Redskins and they took off once I uploaded them to the net. Nike will keep a their designs under wraps until they have to unveil them. Nike is very protective of their designs, just look at the Oregon uni’s for the last bowl game. The helmet in all their official pics looked black but was actually chrome plated.

  • LCSF

    Oh yeah….and I would love to have some of this gear. I would love to be able to get my hands on any of these non-winning teams gear. It will be a serious collectors item on day. LOL

  • Jeremy

    @Chris Creamer
    You’re right- sorry. Obviously the NFL makes the stuff but for some reason it just didn’t occur to me. But, very bad mistake, NFL!

  • Matt

    I think Nike “leaked” those designs on purpose to stick a knife into Reebok’s back, and spike up the interest for this upcoming year’s release…

  • Ryan

    Why is it “NFC Conference Champions”? Doesn’t the “C” in “NFC” stand for “Conference”?

  • SFforlife

    >for their fans I hope the images above give you a glimpse of how sweet it would have looked if your teams could have pulled out a victory today.

    gee thanks. 😐

  • cody

    @ryan that is correct. very funny bloopers on this stuff.

  • JustinF

    Ravens-49ers would have been the best Superbowl in years! On the other hand, Patriots-Giants will be the WORST. Not looking forward to it at all.

  • RavensNation

    We did pull it through again. and we did get it this year. How sweet it is.