Nike unveils new NFL uniforms

Written By:  •  Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Nike is unveiling their new uniforms for all 32 NFL teams today at a press event beginning at 11am ET.

We’ll post all the photos of the new jerseys as we get them into this post, if the site is crashing – likely – you can follow us on Twitter here for up-to-date information

Jacksonville Jaguars

You can view more Seattle Seahawks uniform images in their photo gallery on their official site.

Details galleries for all 32 teams are available on the Nike website here; just navigate via the links at the bottom of each team page

For the most part it appears teams stayed the same in design, made very minor tweaks if any — here’s a shot of all 32 teams courtesy Nike:

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  • Dante Swinton

    …What. I feel like there is too much going on in the Seattle uniform. Like, too, too much. I like the incorporation of the twelfth man with those “feather/wing” emblems, but I think it would have been even better if they 1. still had “Seahawks” in the upper chest and not on the stripe, 2. if the the stripes were thinner, and 3. if the nameplates aren’t THAT gigantic. But who knows, maybe they’ll grown on me a bit.

  • Aaron

    They look the same. However, Seattle’s uniforms? I don’t know, would’ve looked better if Seahawks was in the middle. The neon green, I swear looks like they could easily glow in the dark. Should’ve replaced it with emerald green.

  • pretty cool, i reckon

  • mattwb1981

    Love the Seahawks’ new uniforms…. The “feather” is played out like a hounds tooth. Something that is easily over looked, but the fact they incorporated the 12 “feathers” as a relation into the 12th Man was a nice touch!!! Also, the Seahawks’ being to the left is placed over the heart was on purpose, again nice touch of character!!! Love the different combinations as well, just not in favor of any combination possibility with the “grey” pants, other than the “grey” jersey.

  • Elvis77

    The Seahawks uniforms are about a million times better, I really like them. I would have loved it if some of the other teams did redesigns just to come into the 21st century while keeping the essence of the old school uniforms.

  • Love the new look…if only Nike had the NBA contract too.

  • Aaron

    I wonder how these uniforms would look if the helmets were grey?

  • Aaron

    I mean the Seahawks uniforms.

  • dkil1031

    I’m curious as to how this new uniform design will affect throwbacks. I could see how some of these new revolutionary features might interfere with the historical aesthetics, at least with the jerseys…

  • Scooter

    I like how for a change a pro sports team is modernizing their uniform rather than go to the ol’ conventional throwback. Love the lime green, it looks great at Century Link Stadium with the blues mixed into the crowd. Without it the jersey would be pretty bland. Like others I too love the 12th man feathers (Or are they wings? Can anyone specify?) and the ‘Seahawks’ text along the heart.

    Only thing I’ll need to get used to is the size of the numbers on the uniform, looks large to me, and interesting choice of font too. I notice the shoulder numbers don’t have the feather/wings in them, not sure if I like that inconsistency.

    I like em! When can I get a Matt Flynn one?

    8 out 10

  • Aaron

    You know, i looked at the Seahawks jerseys and they don’t even look bad. Even with the lime green. As far as throwback jerseys go, the NHL can pull it off with their newest style of jerseys, surely the NFL can. Going back to Seahawks, just don’t have them wear those lime green jerseys again.

  • I. Haychew

    Seahawks = The absolute most hideous uniforms I’ve ever see…in ANY sport! HORRIBLE, TERRIBLE, PUKE, GAG, VOMIT!!!

  • JB

    i really dont like the seahawks new look at all sorry, just embarrassing, your not the oregon ducks btw

  • Seth Dash

    Seahawks jerseys are sweet I like it!

  • Seth Dash

    Now all the Seahawks need are some good players! Beast Mode can’t carry the whole team they need some big buck$ at the ownership position