San Diego Padres wear 1978 Throwback Uniform

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The San Diego Padres became the latest team to wear throwback uniforms when they took to Petco Field wearing their 1978 home uniforms in a game against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Friday night.

The Padres ’78 throwbacks were complete with pullover jerseys, matching helmets, elastic waistbands, and yes, even the 1978 All-Star Game patch on the sleeves.

Comparing to the originals, note the '78 ASG patch - a pretty accurate re-make

The Padres only wore this uniform design for one season unfortunately, after adopting this jersey script style for the ’78 season they dropped the “SAN DIEGEO” script and arched the “padres” wordmark across the jersey front for 1979.

Sadly, the Los Angeles Angels did not partake in the throwback fun.

1978 MLB All-Star Game Logo - San Diego Padres

The 1978 All-Star Game patch worn on the throwback sleeve

One has to wonder how long the Padres can hold out on their history and insist their franchise colours are navy blue and khaki; it’s only a matter of time before they cave to the will of their fans like the Blue Jays, Mets, and Orioles before them.

See below for more photos of this uniform in action from Friday night:

Note the uniquely re-coloured and slanted MLB silhouette on the back of the caps

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  • Mike D.

    The letters on the hat should read UPS.
    What can Brown do for You!

  • Aaron

    Brown and gold is a unique colour combination. Navy and khaki look pretty sharp and works well. If the Padres were to ever go back to their original colours, they will have to do so in a way it doesn’t look hideous.

  • Aaron

    Since the Padres have had more success with the current colours, I don’t really see them changing. However if they go back to the original colours in some way, here’s a suggestion…

    the brown should be very dark and sand metallic instead of gold.

  • NJTank

    Thats it Padres need to return to these colors

  • Boss Eric

    I don’t see what every likes about brown and yellow as a combo. It looks hideous. It looked hideous when the Broncos tried it and it looks hideous when the Padres trot it out.

    The nostalgia shades have got to come off.

  • ingmar66

    Like it, especially the hat. Now make a buttoned version of the shirt with a slightly smaller golden collar and change the beltless pants into a version with a belt and a single narrow brown stripe on the side and brown and gold stirrups and you’ll have a classic look for the Padres. Navy and khaki is so boring, stick to brown and gold! And wear the monk on the sleeve!

  • Justorbs

    What an awful jersey. SD made a GREAT decision to rid of these monstrosities.