Angels and Mariners to go back to the ’50s on Saturday

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The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and Seattle Mariners will be turning back the clock to the 1955 season for tomorrow’s game at Safeco Field in Seattle.

The 1955 season pre-dates the establishment dates of both franchises, the clubs will be wearing the uniforms of the local Pacific Coast League teams from that year.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 1950s PCL throwback

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 1950s PCL throwback

The Angels will be wearing the uniforms of their PCL namesake, minus the “of Anaheim” part.  It features a blue cap with interlocking white and red “LA” on the front.  The jersey reads “LOS ANGELES” arched across the front in red.

Los Angeles Angels Pacific Coast League Uniform 1953

Chuck Connors, member of the 1952 PCL LA Angels

Seattle will be wearing the uniforms of the Seattle Rainiers, the jersey has ‘Rainiers’ across the front in red lettering and a single red stripe on either sleeve.  The cap is red with a white ‘R’.

Seattle Rainiers PCL Uniforms

The Seattle Rainiers of the Pacific Coast League

Special thanks to @Wild_Halo on Twitter for the heads up on the Angels pic

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  • Aaron

    I thought the original PCL Angels had a Halo on the A. Both uniforms look cool though.

  • Ryan B

    Not in 1955 they didn’t.

  • Ron

    An interesting sidenote is that the Seattle Rainiers were owned by the Rainier Brewing Company, and the R on those caps is the same R found on cans of Rainier beer.

  • I loves me some throwbacks! I think this is a really good solution to teams that don’t really have a throwback uniform.

  • HuskyHauler

    The Mariners are going to look more like the Angels tomorrow than the Angels themselves.

  • ingmar66

    Interesting to see where the Dodgers got their interlocking LA from. The Seattle uniform is very nice, I hope they will wear the pictured SEATTLE scripted uniform as well at one time. And what a great picture of Connors!

  • Ben in LA

    Clean jerseys. Hopefully they’ll be available for purchase…

  • pw mooney

    The original Los Angeles Angels – 1961 – did have halos on the caps. The silver stripe had little strips of tinsel (like on your Christmas tree). It would sparkle under the Wrigley Field lights druing games. (Yes, Wrigley Field, i.e., west coast where the PCL Angels played (34 yrs.) as well as the Hollywood Stars (12 yrs. Also home of TV’s Home Run Derby)

  • Blake

    I didn’t know the Clippers had a baseball team? The Rainiers? Yeah, Seattle is sure playing a lot like the ones in Tacoma.

  • WOM

    Anyone know if this Angels throwback hat and jersey is available and if so where can you buy them. Thanks

  • Mike

    I like these uniforms and hats. Any idea if they’re available for purchase anywhere? I’d love a hat!