Real Madrid Unveils New Home Uniform for 2012-13

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New Real Madrid Home Uniform Kit 2012-2013

Real Madrid and adidas have unveiled their new home kit for the 2012-13 season.

The main change in the new look is the change of the three sleeve stripes from the blueish-purple of recent years to a bold black. Some of that random purple piping seen on the previous look has also been removed.

Principle jersey sponsor “bwin” remains, however the “.com” from their logo has been removed.

Real Madrid Uniform 2011

The previous Real Madrid uniform, the new look is much cleaner

You can see the new look in-action courtesy this YouTube video Real Madrid posted last night:

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  • DJ4

    The photo you show as the “previous” Real Madrid kit is not the kit they wore this past season. This past season, they used metallic gold as the color for their striping, lettering, and numbering (the BWin sponsor logo was rendered in black).

  • DJ4
  • That “previous” Real Madrid kit is from the 07-08 season, it even has Raul wearing it!!

    Last season kit is this one:

    Tip: here’s a good site to check past seasons kits:

  • ingmar66

    If Real Madrid and adidas were really classy they would get rid of the three stripes altogether. Real is famous for it’s all white strip. Why not keep it all white with a adidas logo? If the outfitter insists on thre stripes, why not white on white? As much as I dislike Real Madrid, the golden stripes of this season were kinda nice. But then again, we are talking about a club that changed the original purple band from its logo to a blue one for no reason at all but to make it look better with the blue away uniform of that season. They hate their own history apparently, so why should I bother?

  • Brad

    Real Madrid always have nice looking kits. But clubs are nicknamed after their main color in madrid’s case is all white. I understand the marketing from Adidas, Nike, umbro and even puma along with European football clubs in always changing the away and 3rd kit colors to now even changing their secondary colors on away strips. But while these kits fall right in line with great looking kits from RMCF I like the 11/12 home kits which incorporated gold 3 stripes and numbers. The gold really went well on white and even on the black away kit. IMO real Madrid should pick 1 color to go on their white home kits every season. Whether that be royal blue, gold, black, navy, dark navy, or even the nice royal purple. Just pick one and leave it. I get tired of looking up all the major clubs new kits and not knowing what color is going with it. Is it dark navy or is it black on white? Same with the away kit. Is it black or is it dark navy? Why not just pick black or navy and forget the other? Rotate it with gold every other season. Or use purple and forget them both. But for goodness sake, pick one of them and move on. Black and dk navy are close enough to where it shouldn’t be hard to choose for you guys. You owe it to your fans to be more consistent and not to use such a crazy method. When I look at man united kits I know automatically that’s black with the red. I never have to think as if it might be navy lol. Come on now