North Dakota State Bison Stampede Forward with Consolidated Logo Set

Written By:  •  Monday, June 4, 2012

NDSU North Dakota State University Bison New Logo

North Dakota State consolidates its two dozen logos into 3 solid new versions.

NDSU had the same problem a lot of athletic departments have; too many versions of their logo out there, resulting in an unclear, jumbled, confusing identification of their teams. They brought in Joe Bosack Graphic Design, who sorted through the mess and created three marks for NDSU, associated wordmarks, and a custom typeface.

Logos previously created by Flint Communications and later CI Sport were used, slightly tweaked, and colors consolidated to team colors of green and gold. The custom typeface, titled “Bison Bold” will be used in athletic department communication as a titling header font, and to distinguish sports.

NDSU associate athletic director Troy Goergen spoke to the unified look this would give the teams; “With our teams gaining more and more national exposure, we need to have a consistent look among all of our sports teams both on the field and off the field.”

Changes will appear gradually, as budget allows and as natural uniform retirement schedules occur.

NDSU North Dakota State University Bison New Logo - Primary


NDSU North Dakota State University Bison New Logo - Secondary


NDSU North Dakota State University Bison New Logo - Tertiary

NDSU North Dakota State University Bison New Logo - Wordmarks


NDSU North Dakota State University Bison New Logo - Custom Font


NDSU North Dakota State University Bison Old Logo

Compare to the previous edition. Note similar design, but differing colors and font

This “cleaning up” of the Bison logos is universally liked and appreciated here at headquarters. Are you a fan?

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  • ingmar66

    Big improvement, Bison! This logo set looks sharper, coherent and (dare I use the other C word that seems to pop up a lot in the reviews on this site?) crisp. Nice new font as well.

  • Aaron

    One of these worse logos I have ever seen. Please don’t put this on the new turf! I beg of you!

  • Wayne

    The head logo reminds me a lot of the Buffalo Sabres main logo during their black & red years.

  • D.C. Swinton

    Is it just me, or does the bison head secondary look like Donald Trump? 😀