HGI – Hydro Graphics Inc Makes Some Amazing Helmet Designs

Written By:  •  Thursday, June 7, 2012

Responsible for the “leather look” Redskins helmet to the chrome Oregon helmet, HGI is making some amazing-looking helmet designs. The current photos being floated around sports blogs and the twittersphere is of a Syracuse-shirted man holding an opalescent sherbert colored helmet.

This is Syracuse Head Equipment Manager Kyle Fetterly at the AEMA show in Cleveland today. This is likely the first he’s seen of the helmet, so while it looks cool, and is exciting to see in the equipment manager’s hands, this is a promotional photo for HGI. If SU were to want to go with this look, there are MANY steps of red tape before it could happen.

Do, though, take a look at HGI’s Facebook Page to see a lot of really great photos of some neat helmets.

Any of those you’d like your team to sport?

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  • Tim

    I see a chrome Ohio State helmet on the shelf in the first pic…. And maybe a matte Seahawks helmet.

    • Good eyes.

    • DJ

      The Ohio State helmet might be a hockey helmet; HGI is reportedly trying to determine if their processes can be applied to hockey helmets.

  • ingmar66

    There is a helmet with a Maryland flag all over it in the picture as well. For the Terps? The Ravens? Interesting stuff. Can they do some 3D in motion graphics on helmets as well? Imagine a tiger, lion or wildcat moving forward depending on the angle of viewing the graphic. That would be neat.

    • Ryan

      It’s the Terps. They actually already used it at least once last fall.

  • ingmar66

    By the way, that Syracuse helmet looks a bit like a bowling ball, but maybe that is also because of the way Mr. Fetterly is holding it.

  • Matt

    Not a fan of teams changing helmets on a weekly basis. The Packers have it right. No changes. Tradition. The Oregon Ducks are the worst football helmet, uniform in all of sports. Each week it’s different. Horrible.

    • Drew

      I agree with you on the Packers, but go the exact opposite way on the Ducks. The Packers’ tradition is that nothing has changed in decades (much like the Yankees). But the Ducks’ tradition is that nothing stays the same. Oregon is the most uniquely-branded football program in the country, and the 100s of combinations of helmet/jersey/pants/socks that they have is their trademark, much like the yellow helmet and green G represents the Packers.

      I wouldn’t want every college football program to have 1000 different uniforms like Oregon, but Oregon doing that is great. I love the tradition that schools like Florida State, Notre Dame, Michigan, Texas, Ohio State and USC have with a relatively-unchanged and unaltered look throughout their history. But I love when teams are unique as well. Michigan’s helmet design is unique to them (at the D-1 level, anyway). The Cincinnati Bengals, St. Louis Rams and Philadelphia Eagles (in my opinion) have three of the greatest helmets in the NFL because of how unique the style is. And Oregon’s looks are fantastic because it’s uniquely them: no other team in professional or college sports has as many different looks as the Oregon Ducks football program.