Georgia Tech getting New Uniforms for 2012 Season – to unveil at Opening Game Kickoff

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Geogia Tech new uniforms jerseys jersey football


Georgia Tech has a long history of tradition in their football team. From the oldest on-campus stadium in NCAA Division I-A, to being coached by John Heisman, to 3 or 6 National Championships, depending on whose selections you count. Over the past few years, however, their uniforms have been anything but consistent. Again, for the upcoming football season, the team will be wearing a new design on the field, produced by Russell.

A trusted source familiar with the process tells SportsLogos.Net that this year, the design inspiration came from an outside source. A designer, contracted by Georgia Tech for some other work, came to the team with uniform designs that were said to “blow us [coaches, team officials] away.” Our contact described them as being modern for the taste of 18 year old kids, but still paying respect to the history of the team.

A second source confirms this, having seen the original designs, and says, “they will be outstanding.” The designer had the concepts on his iPad and handed it around at Georgia Tech Athletic offices. It was said to be “a little late” in the process, but “were so good” that the team approached Russell to make the uniforms for the upcoming season.

Russell, whose largest collegiate client is Georgia Tech, was asked to get these designs created as soon as possible. The plan is to go to their first game, at Virginia Tech, warm up in last year’s jerseys, then, just before kickoff, change into the unannounced, unreleased, new uniforms. This gives Russell the maximum amount of time to manufacture them, and get them to the team. The design is said to be unlike anything Russell has created before, so there is a significant ramp-up needed.

When we asked Dean Buchan, Assistant Director of Athletics – Media Relations for comment, all he would verify is that the Russell contract stated a new design could be created each year, that Russell was manufacturing the uniforms which had been approved by athletic director Dan Radakovich and head coach Paul Johnson.

We are still trying to obtain any visuals possible. Both of our sources confirmed that the original designs are not being produced “exactly,” rather Russell is doing a version “as quickly as they can” and might need to wait for the 2013 season to fully realize the complete design.

Here at SportsLogos.Net we are hopeful but a little concerned. Russell has not shown the design leadership in football uniforms of late, especially with Georgia Tech. Their uniforms over the past few years have been a mess of piping, striping, and failed color changes, number colors, and inconsistency.

Here are some of their uniforms over the past few years. Note the complete lack of consistency or theme.

Georgia Tech new uniforms jerseys over the years 2000s inconsistent

Georgia Tech football's various colors, number fonts, striping configurations, just a plain mess.

Our favorite concept is by our friends over at The Sports Design Blog in their “Open Letter to Georgia Tech Athletic Department.” We ran these photos past our sources and they confirm this is not the design the new look is based off of. Though, both liked this look, and both had already seen these mockups.

Geogia Tech new uniforms jerseys jersey football concepts mockups

Clear, concise design, courtesy The Sports Design Blog

So, what do you expect to see in Lane Stadium on September 3rd? Honeycomb patterned shoulders? Navy as the primary? White helmets? How crazy do you think the Athletic Department will let them go?

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  • Whatsthegoodword

    Our uniforms have been a crazy mix-up over the past several years. We’ve been Russell’s guinea pig. 🙁 Our best unis aren’t even shown in your collage above. Our road unis from 1990 are the ones we should be wearing every week – maybe with a little update. Gold hats, white shirts w/ blue numbers, gold pants with white & blue solid stripes down the legs. Simple. Classic. Tech.

    • Brent

      I say, wear the home combo of the 1990 team: Gold helmets, Navy jerseys and White pants. THOSE looked sharp! It was good enough for them and look what happened.
      All white all the time is do dang boring. Mix it up a little. I am always amazed at the “tech faithful” that want all white all the time while 85% of the clothes on the on-line store is NAVY BLUE! Just sayin…not arguing..haha peace

    • mar

      Remember last year….Georgia came out in those ATROCIOUS red things…that looked ridiculous. When was the last time someone wearing these “modern uniforms” won a national title? Let’s see…Auburn, Alabama, Florida, LSU, etc….classic uni’s and they stick with them.

    • I would like too see black helments black pants & black jersey’s with gold stripes.

  • ingmar66

    Top right and bottom right of the collage look decent enough, but not memorable or all time classic. The sports design blog’s uniforms feature some kind of blue (instead of black) which is not an official color of GT, isn’t it? The overall design is nice but the small digits and the white helmet are not good. Stick to Old Gold and Black. The initials GT, by the way, always remind me of gin tonic so why not include silver with a touch of lime green in the new uniform? Cheers! OK, lame joke…

    • DontTouchTheWreck

      @ingmar66: the official colors of GT are white, old gold, and navy.

    • Douglas

      Black was never an official color, Navy was officially added as an accent color a few years back. Black and Navy have been used on the uniforms over the past but since the late-80s Navy has been the only accent color used.

      The colors are Old Gold and White, not Old Gold and Black.

      I hope someone else had my idea of using combs (as in honey combs, but since these would be created by Yellow Jackets they wouldn’t be “honey combs”) to create stripes. I have created an entire set using that concept, but haven’t really refined it (the distance between each comb is inconsistent), I also created a new font (normal black numbers but the serifs come to a point, replicating a stinger, they are not over the top but certainly unique). The combs would create a modern feel while keeping a simple design (a la OK State).

      I’m very excited to see what these new unis will look like, the fact that it was an outside group, and they created a look that got that kind of reaction out of the coaches bodes well. I hope they can get the entire set ready for the season, and that if they really are that good, they will be available for retail.

      • ingmar66

        Thanks for setting me straight, DTTW and Douglas! The combs idea sounds very interesting, not only for uniforms but for adding to the design of the GT basketball floor or end zones as well.

  • Did anyone see the video of the Ohio Bobcats getting new jerseys?

    This is a great way to fire up the players right before a big opening game with VT. It helps with recruiting too.

  • Tony W

    I love the white Helments, it’s time for some new, sharp uniforms, get with the times GT, get with Nike for crying out loud.

  • Brent

    This should be the HOME and AWAY combos:
    Home-Gold Helmets
    Navy Jerseys (Gold Alternate)
    White Pants

    Away-Gold Helmets
    White Jerseys
    Gold pants
    I am always amazed when I hear Tech fans crying about how the colors are white and gold. While that might be true then tell me, why are 85% of the clothes on the on-line store NAVY BLUE! Mix things up a little. Hell, Oregon has about 9 different combos to their uniforms.

    • Ira

      Georgia Tech has a long tradition of wearing white jerseys at home. i wouldn’t want to change that. Last year they did different white jerseys home and away, which I liked.

      • If one researches the earliest Tech uniforms one more often than not finds either mustard or navy jerseys. Bobby Dodd made the home white jerseys iconic.

        I have always said that I would like to see 3 uniforms. Home white jerseys with gold helmets and pants as we have most often seen in the modern era.

        For the road I would like to see two combinations. One would be the blue jersey combination seen on the 1990 team. The other would be the Bud Carson era mustard jersey with white helmet and white pants. Both of these combinations really pop.

  • JSTech

    Tech’s official colors are Old Gold and White. Navy was a color introduced decades ago — Bobby Dodd’s teams sometime wore navy as their alternate color. The classic Tech uniforms were white jerseys, old gold helmets, and old gold pants with white and navy and/or black stripes. In fact the design was used for creat the classic Dallas Cowboys unifroms that are used to this day. The uniforms worn by the team from 1972 – 1980/81 were white jerseys on the road and at home. Tech rarely wore anything else except for a brief time in 1976 when Pepper Rodgers’ Team wore gold jerseys with white pants (and gold helmets). It wasn’t until the NCAA in the early1980s changed the rules for a few years and forbade teams from wearing white jerseys that Tech went to black or blue jerseys at home. The past few years the Tech uniforms have been awful. Tech had a great, traditional classic look and especially the past 5 years they’ve looked really bad. I don’t think they need a new design — look at the traditional white jersey, old gold pants and solid old gold helmets — they’re really sharp and have a distinct GT tradition. The Atheltic Department should do their homework and stop screwing around with new designs. Just take a look at the great uniforms worn by the Pepper Rodgers and Bill Curry teams and that’ll do it.

  • J.R. Clark

    I second JS’s comment. Georgia Tech had an iconic look during the 1950s and 60s. I hate the Star Trek number font and all the vents and seams and weird stripes.

    White jerseys with two sleeve stripes —old gold and navy. Gold pants with a navy-white-old gold-white-navy stripe. Gold helmets with the classic GT logo.

  • Lee R.

    I agree with traditional, but I love the new looking stuff that teams are doing, like Oregon. I’m 20 so I guess I’m not old fashioned, but I did really like the Gailey era uniforms. I wouldn’t mind going back to those, just use the new dri-fit material and match the freaking colors and stop wearing black socks and wrist bands, matching the colors would go a long way no matter the design, just get rid of the slashes and crap across the chest and match colors and we’re all good.

  • Calvin

    My nephew designed the new uniforms, he told us everyone should love these. Designs. Their is 4 designs he gave them ,but the one he likes the best didn’t t make it only because of the neck line. And he didn’t have time to fix this by the first game. So next year watch out for the uniforms next year.