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Written By:  •  Saturday, June 9, 2012

OKC Thunder Beat the Heat T-Shirt 2012 NBA Finals

Chalk this one up to “oops”.

The NBA official online shop was momentarily selling t-shirts touting an Oklahoma City ThunderMiami Heat NBA final last night, the shirts featured the Thunder logo with the words “BEAT THE HEAT” next to it.

While it’s clear this is nothing more than a Shop employee’s error, this hasn’t stopped Boston Celtics fans from already claiming the league has pre-determined the result of their Eastern Conference Final, which of course is still being played.

As someone who has seen the Boston Celtics 2012 Eastern Conference Champions merchandise I can assure those fans that there is no such conspiracy.

The offending t-shirt above was removed shortly after it’s discovery.

The Celtics and Heat will finish up their series tonight, the game gets underway at 8:30pm ET.



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  • EbroLon

    Wow. the worst part id that this isn’t like models or something this is the actual NBA DOING THIS

  • Marcus

    Well the celtics just gained a lot of fans

  • Doug

    come on now, everyone knows the nba is like wwe. it’s all scripted. lebron gets his title this year and in a few years durant get his.

  • Steve

    NBA is the only rigged major league sport…

  • ingmar66

    Been saying for years that the NBA is All Star Wrestling with a ball. It is all scripted to get the most out of the television/merchandising buck. Like it was stated above: LeBron gets his ring this year, if Durant does not mess up his personal life and keeps a clean profile he will get his next year with OKC or sometime later after being traded to the Lakers or the Celtics (for more visibility and merchandising sales purposes). David Stern and the owners like to keep things predictable, agreeable and profitable. Corrupt Italian soccer should learn how to fix matches from the NBA. I really hate seeing my favourite sport, hoops, being scripted and twisted on the highest level by the NBA. Nothing against the players, both Durant and LeBron (and all the other players in the League) are world class athletes. But they are part of a scam and they know it. Should be a mental burden for them, despite the big salaries, unless they are totally devoid of a true sportsman’s attitude to winning and losing in an unscripted way…

    • Jay

      Yeah, 4 teams representing the Western Conference in the last ~10 years is such dramatic scripting.