New Jersey Devils 2012 Phantom Stanley Cup Champs Merchandise

Written By:  •  Monday, June 11, 2012

New Jersey Devils 2012 Stanley Cup Champions Merchandise

I really thought the New Jersey Devils would have been able to come all the way back from being down 3 games to 0, but alas, they couldn’t quite do it as the Los Angeles Kings won their first Stanley Cup in franchise history tonight.

The shop has all the LA Kings Cup Champs merchandise available for sale here.

Every year championship merchandise is produced for both finalists so they’re ready to hit the shelves as soon as the cup is presented, below I present the merchandise made for the New Jersey Devils had they won the series instead of the Kings, click any for a larger image:

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  • Matthew Lausmann

    Good For You!

  • J Kersh

    too bad they didn’t…the red and black color scheme is much cooler/nicer looking than the king’s grey and black

    • Julian

      How can you say that? The Stanley Cup Finals logo is in black & white; the locker room caps & shirts are in gray & black. EVERYTHING about the color scheme was begging for the Kings to win.

      • J Kersh

        @Julian – I’m a very biased Devils fan 🙂

  • NJTank

    It sucks but I would have spent a lot of money on this stuff if they won so I guess there is that. Maybe I can go to Machu Pichu and but some of it. Hmmmm

  • Chaz

    The clock makes it look like they’re “94-Time Champions.”

  • ingmar66

    Is phantom merchandise really being shredded straight away? Wouldn’t it be nice to donate all the phantom merch of all pro and college finals to poor people around the world? Simply destroying it seems such a waste of materials and labour.

    • Chris Creamer

      The phantom merchandise is typically donated to third-world countries

  • Vince

    looking at these phantoms pics i thought was cool untill u see phantom gear for your team, i would have gotten this devils stuff in a second…

  • Jeremy

    I’d like to order the Devils locker room cap and t-shirt. Don’t care that it’s phantom. Please send info on how to order. Thank you.

    • Chris Creamer

      Get in your “alternate dimension” machine and hope you come out in a world where the Devils won the cup… purchase the merchandise and re-enter the machine

  • Dylan

    Man I wished the refs didn’t screw the devils and BERNIER didn’t do anything in game 6 we would have won -_-

  • RCP

    Third world countries where hockey doesn’t exist…..