Pics of Thunder – Heat with NBA Final Patch on Jersey

Written By:  •  Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The NBA Finals used to produce the best looking jersey patch, seriously, going back from 2003 right up to 2008 it was just a simple patch of the Larry O’Brien Trophy.  Something about seeing that gold trophy patch on a team’s jersey just looked great.

Unfortunately in the seasons since the Association have complicated the patch, ruining that simple, classic look and even eliminating the trophy from the patch altogether.

Oh well.

Anyways, here’s that same patch now in use in the finals since 2009, on the jerseys of the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Miami Heat from last night’s game one:


Just to compare, here’s that old patch that I miss:


At least the new patch isn’t as bad as what they wore in 2000 and 2001…


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  • ingmar66

    You are so right. This Finals patch looks awkward and leaves plenty of space to the left and the right of the logoman and on top of The Finals for a future sponsor: The 2013 McDonalds NBA Finals, brought to you by… Bring back the Trophy and the year written in it.

  • JumpingJacks20

    They actually used the patch in 2009, look up Dwight Howard 2009 NBA Finals and he has the patch on his jersey.

  • thomas

    right, the old one was better…….this new one looks like a lemon………LOL