Charlotte (Bob)cats Unveil New Uniforms

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Charlotte Bobcats New Home Uniform 2012-13

The Charlotte Bobcats have unveiled their new uniform set for the 2012-13 NBA season.

Courtesy a set of photos from The Charlotte Observer we have our first look at the new jerseys for the upcoming year.

Charlotte Bobcats New Uniforms 2012-13

The most noticeable change is the shortening of the team nickname on the home jerseys, having always previously worn “Bobcats” on their home whites, the new uniforms will simply read “Cats”… perhaps putting the era of ex-owner Bob Johnson (the “Bob” in “Bobcats”) completely behind them.

Also gone are the pinstripes from the main body of the uniforms, which I was never a fan of, the new uniforms look a lot cleaner with their demotion to the side panels.

Comparing the old and new home uniforms of the Charlotte Bobcats, 2012 on left, 2013 on right

Power blue has been introduced into the uniform colour scheme, replacing orange as the main secondary colour.  Where orange was once found outlining the team name and numbers, it is now seen only on the collar and down the sides of the uniform.

The road uniforms still say Charlotte but in a new script.

Comparing road uniforms for Charlotte, 2012 on left, 2013 on right

The entire uniform set feels very reminisciant of the Dallas Mavericks set, from the colour scheme to the style of lettering, to placement of jersey wordmark vs. player number.

Charlotte now joins Dallas, Memphis, and Utah as teams who have fully embraced a double-blue colour scheme on their uniforms in recent seasons.

This uniform change also comes on the heels of a rumoured nickname swap with the New Orleans Hornets, which would see the Bobcats adopt the Hornets nickname while New Orleans searches for something new going forward.

A couple more photos of the new uniforms below:

Charlotte Bobcats new uniforms 2012-13

Charlotte Bobcats new uniforms 2012-13



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  • Like ’em a lot!

  • Jo Schmo

    New logo or new colors on the logo coming?

  • Skyler

    Looks a lot like a certain team in Dallas

    • Matt

      the numbers look identical

  • Eric

    It looks like dallas and orlando puked together and made that uni set… nothing exciting..

  • Justin

    An improvement, but nothing original or exciting. It definitely reminds me of DAL and OKC with a little ORL thrown in.

  • Burmy

    They’ll be the Hornets in 2013-14, so this could be the best one-year uniform I’ve ever seen…

    • Mike

      Simply put, that is simply not true.

  • Brendan

    As a person that is so disinterested in basketball that I didn’t even know who was in the finals until I saw it on TV today, I immediately thought of the Dallas Mavericks uniforms when I saw this.

  • ingmar66

    Not a surprise here. The adidas factory in Thailand produces this model as a standard uniform. I play for an amateur basketball team in Holland and we have exactly the same uniforms but in a different colour scheme. The Mavs, Magic, Clippers and the KU Jayhawks ( and lots of other college teams sponsored by adidas) use the same pattern, but in different colours as well. Strictly standard adidas fare. Not bad, but not exciting. Players numbers should always be in the center of the shirt, but that’s me being conservative again. Hopefully adidas will never be allowed to use their tiresome threestripe design on official NBA gametime uniforms. That would be the final step towards a lot of ugly euro soccer uniforms, be it without sleeves.

    • Adam

      In reply to ingmar66,

      In what way does this uniform set have the same pattern/design as the Clippers, Magic & Mavericks?? All 4 have different designs, they have similarities, but they are in no way “standard” or the same.

    • Adam

      In reply to ingmar66, how have you come to the conclusion that the new Bobcats pattern/design is the same as the Clippers, Magic and Mavericks, when if you look properly theyre clearly completely different, sure there may be some similarities, but the designs differ from each other clearly.. You may need to get your eyes checked..

  • Marquis

    I thought Nike was no longer making NBA uniforms. lol!!!!!

  • Aaron

    A definite improvement over the last uniforms. The full Bobcats name could’ve stayed on the home whites, but they look sharp nevertheless. I wonder if the Charlotte team will retain the Hormets nameplate if the NOLA Hormets change their name?

  • If the colors were blue and red these would be good for the Arizona Wildcats

  • looking great

  • Matthew Lausmann

    What About New Charlotte Bobcats Logo???

  • “here kitty kitty”
    -Lebron James
    -Rajon Rondo
    -Derrick Rose
    -Kobe Bryant
    -Kevin Durant
    -Tim Duncan
    -Dwayne Wade
    -Carmelo Anthony

  • Rob

    These are not an improvement! I hate that stupid collar style compared to the previous one and the home jersey looks like OKC and the road like Dallas.How is this an improvement?? OKC actually has a very sharp jersey,unlike this one.

  • Macias

    I see they copied Dallas Mavs font

  • chirs

    i actually don’t like these. plus the cats on the home jersey’s seem so unprofessional and they are cats cuz they pussies

  • AndrewSa888

    Not crazy about the home whites, but the road blues look very sharp.

  • Adam

    The lettering of this new uniform set is similar to Dallas, but not the same, you all are seeing it becuase of the lettering being slimline and the number be off centre..
    Im not a massive fan of the NBA, but I follow loosely, and even though the Bobcats had the worst season, theyre my favourite team, and im fairly disappointed in this uniform set.. Especially losing the Bobcats name, it was unique.
    Last seasons road jersey in the Denim Blue with White Pin stripes, was hands down the best jersey the league has seen in years, so I may have to stock up on a few off ebay..

  • Matt Berning
  • Hank Moody

    These are terrible….looks just like Dallas and “Cats” just doesn’t look or sound right. The two different shades of blue, the random orange striping down the collar and sides, the grey from the logo that isn’t seen anywhere on the jersey…none of it coincides or goes together at all. Just random. 0/10

  • Hank Moody

    Looks like they combined the OKC and Dallas jerseys to try and make their own

  • James

    after what happened this season “CATS” fit them perfectly.


  • Brad

    Horrible. Somebody call Mark Cuban and tell him that Charlotte stole his teams look! Sports Unis and Logos make me sick nowadays. It seems as though creativity has gone out the door.

  • Adam Hutchinson

    Not a fan, its just a cheap knock off of half a dozen teams in the league. Teams need to stop going with the double blue. There’s too much of it in the league. As for changing the team name, whats the point if they do a name swap.

  • Adam

    Replying to ingmar66, how have you come to the conclusion that the new Bobcats pattern/design is the same as the Clippers, Magic and Mavericks? When if you look properly theyre clearly completely different, sure there may be some similarities, but the designs differ from each other clearly.. Side panels, collar, theyre all different..
    You may need to get your eyes checked..

  • KeithL

    Why change if they are going be getting the Name Hornets? Do they have that much money to toss around? I personally don’t like the change in colors, the presnt color scheme is better..

  • Mr.Miller

    They look like the Dallas Mavericks of the Eastern Conference. I wonder if they’re gonna play like them or the Bobcats of this year

  • NV406

    Hey, Its the Dallas Mavericks Uniforms just in orange…

  • Levon Hughey

    Great uniforms. I can’t wait to see the new logo. Am I the only one that think that the powder blue was added to the dark blue because of Michael Jordan? After all, those are the same colors as his alma mater, UNC-Chapel Hill. Then again, dark blue and orange are the colors of Bob Johnson’s alma mater, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

    I liken it to when the Atlanta Falcons initially went with red, black (University of Georgia) and gold (Georgia Tech).

  • Jeremy

    As a New Orleans Hornets fan, I beg you Charlotte, take the Hornets name back and stop embarrassing yourselves!

  • Jasper

    Why are teams still using the nike collard template design from the ’90’s. The NBA and adidas should come out with a couple of designs uniform templates, like 5 or 6, and assigned a group of teams to each one. Get rid of the old Starter, nike, RBK designs.