Tampa Bay Lightning Unveil 20th Anniversary Logo

Written By:  •  Friday, June 22, 2012

Tampa Bay Lightning 20th Anniversary Logo

The Tampa Bay Lightning will be celebrating their 20th anniversary in 2012/13 and today they unveiled the logo that will be used to mark the occasion.

The logo was unveiled via a video presentation on their website which can be viewed here.

Black is absent from the logo despite being a major colour for the majority of the team’s history.  The colour was originally to be eliminated for the 2011/12 season before fan feedback forced the team to re-introduce it as a trim colour.

Their new as of this past season lightning bolt logo forms the “0” in “20”, much like their 10th anniversary design used in 2001/02.

Tampa Bay Lightning 10th anniversary logo from 2002

The anniversary logo will be worn on the front of the jerseys as a patch in the upper-right corner, we will get our first glimpse of the patch on the jersey at the NHL Draft being held tonight in Pittsburgh.

When asked about any throwback jersey plans for the 20th anniversary, SportsLogos.Net was told they were still to be determined, so we’ll keep an ear out for that information and pass along whatever we can.

The Lightning 20th anniversary logo has been added to the SportsLogos.Net database, you can see it here.

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  • Matt Marczel

    I was expecting something better than this. Very little creativity involved in creating this. Not sure how well it’s gonna look on the jerseys, or possibly even at center ice.

    • Couldn’t agree more… previous was actually a better graphic rendering.

  • kurt

    pretty heavy on the type. there’s just no need to have the city and team name in an anniversary patch. having the logo incorporated into it should be symbolic enough.

  • Pod

    although I prefer the type to the current type on the wordmark.

  • Jeriat

    Could have gone without the “Tampa Bay” and “Lightning” and it would have worked fine, but I like it.

  • Ken

    Here’s the jersey with 20th anniversary logo from the draft last night.


    As you can see, no team name and years. Just “20th Anniversary”.

  • Benoit

    Why is it only next year that Tampa Bay have this?. Ottawa had a 20th anniversary logo this year and both team started the same year

  • ingmar66

    A very lazy effort. They could have done more with a lightningbolt and the number 20 (and indeed skip the town and team name) and once again they ignore the fans by omitting the black trim. This is below elementary school level in graphic design.