Minnesota Twins Throwback to 1951 Minneapolis Millers Uniforms, KC Royals to Wear Blues Unis

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Minnesota Twin wear Minneapolis Millers Uniforms Throwback

The Twins play the Royals in a doubleheader June 30th, and in the second game, they will wear the throwback uniforms, complete with accurate batting helmets and striped socks. The first 20,000 fans will receive a pennant for the Millers.

Minnesota Twin wear Minneapolis Millers Uniforms Throwback

An Example of the merchandise available already in the team store

Kansas City will be participating as well, and will don their Kansas City Blues uniforms. Note the gorgeous patches on the left sleeves for both teams. It  is a shield which says “GOLDEN JUBILEE” in gold letters.

Kansas City Royals Blues Throwback

Kansas City will be in their Blues greys.

Ted Williams wore a Millers uniform when he won the American Association’s Triple Crown at 19 in the summer of 1938. Babe Ruth wore the Millers uniform, for one day in 1935. Joe Hauser set a Professional Baseball record with 69 Home Runs during the 1933 season as a Miller

Minnesota Twin wear Minneapolis Millers Uniforms Throwback

Willie Mays as a Miller

The “Turn Back the Clock” game is honoring 1951, the year Willie Mays played center at Nicollet Park. In Center Field for the Kansas City Blues that same year was baseball legend Mickey Mantle.

Kansas City Royals Blues Throwback

Mickey Mantle as a member of the Blues

Of note, the hats appear to have the MLB logo as well as the Majestic logo.

Minnesota Twin wear Minneapolis Millers Uniforms Throwback

The Throwbacks appear to have an accurate helmet as well


Kansas City Royals Blues Throwback

Kansas City Blues Jersey


Minnesota Twin wear Minneapolis Millers Uniforms Throwback

Millers Jersey


The uniforms seem to be accurate, are good looking, and come complete with socks-up, batting helmets, and honor teams full of stars. What could be any better? How do you like the uniforms? Are the socks your favorite?

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  • Agent New Era

    Will they go on sale?

    • Agent New Era

      I’m referring to the hats of both teams…

      • JR Francis

        We’ve heard reports that the hats are already in the team store. Not sure about online yet.

        • HuskyHauler

          The hats are on sale in the Target Field store. Not online yet though

  • Jon

    Shameless Giants ripoff in terms of the Millers uniforms. 🙁

    • Dude

      That’s because the Millers were the AAA associate of the Giants in the ’50s. In fact, the Giants were planning to move to Minneapolis, but Walter O’Malley talked them in to moving to San Francisco so that the Dodgers could have a West Coast rivalry.

  • Waggie

    They were a giants farm team, so not too shameless.

  • Aaron

    Really like these uniforms. Hopefully someday, the Blue Jays will wear the Toronto Maple Leafs (International League) baseball uniforms. It’s too bad the Expos aren’t around anymore or we’d see the Jays (Leafs) taking on the Expos (Royals).

  • Dude

    Are the Jerseys made by Ebbets Field Flannels?

    • Majestic logos can be seen on the left sleeves in photos 3 & 6.

    • Chris Creamer

      The players will be wearing Majestics, the bottom two photos in the article are Ebbets Field versions of the jerseys we displayed only to give a better look at the design.

  • Aaron

    If they changed the black on the Millers’ jerseys to possibly midnight navy, you may have the new Houston Astros jerseys especially with the orange. Can you picture it?

  • good

  • ingmar66

    Nice throwback uniforms and hats. If only European soccer teams could come up with throwbacks more often than on occasion of their 100th anniversary.

  • Douglas Allen Malicote

    Will they be on the mlb shop for sale

  • Agent New Era

    Thanks for info guys. Any news if the Royals are selling the Blues hats in team shops?

  • cm

    where can u get the millers hats