2013 NCAA Women’s Final Four Logo Unveiled

Written By:  •  Thursday, June 28, 2012

The 2013 NCAA Women’s Final Four logo, hosted by the City of New Orleans, was unveiled by Tulane Athletic Director Rick Dickson at a ceremony held at a local YMCA earlier today.

The logo plays off of the gothic theme of the local style of New Orleans architecture while also including a fleur-de-lis in the ‘O’ of ‘Four’. The fleur-de-lis is the official symbol of the State of Louisiana and also appears on the New Orleans city flag.

“New Orleans has certainly proven itself a great host to word class events and we expect nothing different when it hosts the premiere women’s sporting event in the country in 2013.” – NCAA Division 1 Women’s Basketball Committee chair Carolayne Henry

New Orleans becomes the first city to host three NCAA Women’s Final Four tournaments (1991, 2004, 2013), it is expected to have an economic impact of $20 million on the city.

The 2013 NCAA Women's Final Four logo is unveiled

The tournament gets underway March 23rd with the championship game being played in New Orleans on April 2, 2013.



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  • ingmar66

    Not bad, but as the Canadians love to put their maple leafs in every sports logo, NOLA logos always seem to have to incorporate the fleur de lis. A crescent moon (as in Crescent City), a jazzy trumpet (Louis Armstrong) or some Mardi Gras beads would have been nice for a change. The Final Four script reminds me of orange popsicles, yummie! But all in all not a bad logo.

  • Panhead24

    I do like the logo and the vintage-like grey and tan used. The fleur de lis is a clever idea, but I do have to say, I would have liked to see something else, like Ingmar66 said. But I suppose it brings a heritage to the city; you know which city it is from without looking at the name. So overall, it’s a pretty good logo.