THE Mets don their Los Mets jerseys

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NY Mets New York Mets Los Mets Blue pitch

Spanish-speaking Mets fans were able to eliminate any potential confusion with their team’s name, as this past Friday the Mets wore jerseys with “Los Mets” across the chest, to celebrate Spanish heritage.

NY Mets New York Mets Los Mets Blue Duda

Camptown races, sing this song

The lettering was white, with an orange outline, on the bright blue Met’s softball team jersey.

This is a slight tweak from 2011, when their spanish jerseys were the same blue, but had lettering in orange, with a white outline.

NY Mets New York Mets Los Mets Blue 2011

2011 edition of the (los) Los Mets


The full lettering version looks as if it was fully intended to appear this way, in contrast with the 2009 version, which looked like a standard Mets jersey, upon which they had, as an afterthought, tacked on the “Los”

NY Mets New York Mets Los Mets 2009

Los Mets, circa 2009

The white pants, blue jerseys look was in effect for the game, with all blue caps.

NY Mets New York Mets Los Mets Blue dugout

Clarification for spanish-speakers that this isn't just A Met.


Do you enjoy this promotion? Should people who don’t primarily speak Spanish qualified to give opinion of value on this promotion? Do you love or hate it anyway?

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  • Jose

    Don’t like the “Latin” jerseys that are done by the NBA and MLB. Teams should do real translations of team names like the Brewers do.Instead of “los rangers, el Heat & el Magic”, the jerseys should read, “Vigilantes, Calor, & Magia” respectively for the teams.

    • BvvCH

      I hear you, but I’m not sure that I know of an accurate spanish translation for the made up word “mets.”

  • Aaron

    Definite pre-cursor to what the Mets will be wearing next year. These look good. If the Mets ditch the white piping jerseys, the piping on this jersey won’t be necessary.

  • Aaron

    As for the lettering on the jerseys, either white or orange look good on the blue jerseys.

    • Ethan

      Orange letters look way better on the blue jersey!

  • Nathan

    I agree with Jose… it’s almost insulting they dont use the translated version.

  • MadPanda

    Like the white lettering on these…really stand out. Still waiting for them to come out with a Korean uniform, considering they play in Flushing, which has a LARGE Korean population!

  • Mets fan

    I always hate it when teams do this. When did the mets have “the” on their jearsys. Same with german night or italian night.

  • Arthur Malkin

    Can’t wait to see the official blue alternate next year.

  • Chris

    Oh yeah. Using the word “Los” makes it all clear for Spanish speakers now. Couldn’t have figured it out before.

    I look forward to seeing what pro sports does for Asian heritage. Let’s tip our caps to the new world power.