Twins and Rangers in Throwbacks to 1994

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Texas Rangers Minnesota Twins Throwback Uniforms jump play

1994 came back in uniforms from the Twins and Rangers last Friday night. Not too long ago, so perhaps more of a “Gentle Toss Back” promotion. Twins fans were sure to love seeing their grey pin stripes back in action.

Texas Rangers Minnesota Twins Throwback Uniforms cheer

Grey pinstripes from 1994

It is impossible to see this uniforms and not think about the amazing Kirby Puckett.

Texas Rangers Minnesota Twins Throwback Uniforms Kirby Puckett

Twins Legend Kirby Puckett, sporting the grey

Texas wore their 1994 whites, saying Rangers across the chest.

Texas Rangers Minnesota Twins Throwback Uniforms beltre 5

Clean, crisp white, with the team mascot across the chest. Classic.

In 1994, the Rangers got several amazing performances from Kenny Rogers

Texas Rangers Minnesota Twins Throwback Uniforms Kenny Rogers

Curtain Call for Kenny

When only going back 18 years, getting the details correct is far easier.

Texas Rangers Minnesota Twins Throwback Uniforms Yu

Why Yu Mad, Son?

Texas Rangers Minnesota Twins Throwback Uniforms Twins Bat

Texas Rangers Minnesota Twins Throwback Uniforms

Texas Rangers Minnesota Twins Throwback Uniforms meeting

The meeting at the mound agrees their uniforms look good.

What is your most vivid memory of these uniforms? Do they bring back warm thoughts? Is this really long enough ago to throw back to?

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  • Jonas

    Looks like Kenny was wearing a red belt and from what I recall (was a season ticket holder back then in Arlington) they all wore red belts. Thats why it was such an important time for the Rangers to throwback to, they opened the new stadium and this uni redesign was massive in the DFW area. Fail on the belt throwback though….

  • Aaron

    Both teams looked really good in their throwbacks. Perhaps one day, the Twins will put the pinstripes on their current road jerseys. They at least managed to pull off pinstripes on a grey jersey, unlike certain teams like the Rockies.

  • 11in ’11

    I personally love throwback uniforms. While 1994 isn’t that long ago (although it is longer than I would like to think!), it is part of a series the Rangers are doing to recognize key moments/times in team history. The only throwbacks I would avoid would be the black uniform era…so glad to see the Mets have (almost) ditched them.

    • Dude

      Agreed – the Reds have still failed to ditch the black era. The only teams with any business wearing wearing black are the Giants, Marlins, Pirates, White Sox, Orioles, Astros and Rockies.

  • Matt Froonjian

    throwbacks to the strike? they couldn’t have at least called them ’95 throwbacks. and the rangers should bring the jerseys back for when they wear their red caps it looks awful when they wear the red caps with the blue-lettered jersey

  • Shawn

    Growing up in the late 90’s/ early 2000’s in Minnesota, I loved those uniforms. I hope the team auctions these off, I might have to buy one.

  • Jeason Gagnon

    two things. One: 1994 should never exist after striking right before the playoffs. Two: they should of had the old Nationals play the old Senators lol. Since Washington had their turn back the clocks last week lol.

  • Adam Luther

    pretty sure the twins wore these up to like 2006……….

    • Kevin


      • Stets5150

        Not correct. The final year of the grey pinstripe unis for the Twins was 2009

        • Tommy

          You are correct

  • Kevin

    Both these uniforms would still look good today.

  • B. A. Smith

    The Rangers uniforms looked great. That’s the style they should have today. But with blue caps.

  • Aaron

    The Rangers should bring this jersey style back for both home and the road. Perhaps use the red at home and the blue on the road. They started doing better once they changed to this style. Although if they win the World Series with their current uniforms, they wouldn’t really have to change anything except just put Rangers on the home uniforms.

  • Jed

    I still like RANGERS across the home uniforms and they should make that change starting next year.

  • James

    throwback to a horrible year in baseball

  • Rob

    Both jersey’s look great,but what’s the point of a 1994 Throwback! Wait a few years.This Throwback thing in Baseball is getting out of hand.While I like most of the designs, teams are wearing them too frequently.Once maybe twice a year is enough.Then add in all these stupid heritage and civil rights jersey’s whose design never exsisted in the first place and it is all too much!!