July Big Month for Nike Soccer Kits, Several Announced

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Arsenal new away kit soccer nike


Everton, Inter Milan, Atletico Madrid, and Zenit all showed new home and away kits, Arsenal released their new Aways, Juventus new Homes. All have similar “Nike-ification” items, such as team sayings inside the neck, team names on back collar, along with the assortment of “lighter, faster cooler” type technology improvements.

Atletico Madrid new kits soccer jersey uniform nike

Atletico Madrid new kits


Inter Milan new kit soccer jersey uniform nike

Inter Milan new home jersey


Inter Milan new kit soccer jersey uniform nike away

Inter Milan new away jersey


Everton new kit soccer jersey uniform nike

Everton new home kit


Everton new kit soccer jersey uniform nike away

Everton new away kit


Juventus new kit soccer jersey uniform nike

Juventus new jersey, paired with white shorts


New Zenit Home Away soccer kits new nike

Zenit home and away kits


Arsenal new away kit soccer nike


Interesting to see the wide sleeve trim that seems to be on several, Everton and Athletico especially.

Do you like the releases? Are you a big soccer fan? Would you like to see more photos, more detail on these kits? Do male athletes pull off purple and pink?

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  • Nicky Santoro

    The Arsenal purple and pink ones are a beauty. Purple should be used more in sport, it’s a royal colour after all. I like what Juventus did instead of putting stars over the crest, side-stepping that whole controversy.

  • Paul

    Arsenal away shirts in any color but yellow should be outlawed…purple can be done well (Fiorentina, Ujpest) but Arsenal made a mess of it this year.

    Athletico and Everton shirts look great- clean, simple, minimum fuss. Always a great formula.

    Inter shirts look oddly form-fitting…

  • Tim

    Seems as though football clubs can pull off colorful kits better than any other sport, and they do it on a yearly basis. Maybe that is why it’s acceptable in this sport. If the color bode well, it would only last a year anyways.. unless it’s their primary colors.

  • JustMe

    Atletico de Madrid are now the new referees of “La Liga”

  • ingmar66

    The wide sleeve trim is used by a lot of teams this season and seems to be part of the standard Nike uniform for the new season. I prefer a smaller trim. Otherwise all the uniforms look nice (yes, even the unconventional Arsenal away kit, which should have featured yellow in some sort of way), unlike the new Barcelona home kit (also by Nike) which looks truly horrible. My favourite soccer shirt brand is still Umbro (which happens to be owned by Nike). Italian brand Marcon is my runner up. Umbro and Marcon are a little more traditional in their approach of uniforms, which fits an old game like soccer, with its many traditional teams.

  • Ricky

    Juventus stuck straditional with the homes. Arsenal prove that guys can wear pink too as long as they don’t have black on the jersey not including the logos or other insignias (which seems to be bad luck in soccer).

  • Ricky

    By the way, Everton had black with pink shirts a few years back and I saw a game in which they lost 5-0 if my memory serves me right.