St Paul Saints Announce Atheist Promotion, Change Name to Mr. Paul ‘Aints

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St. Paul Saints Night of Unbelievable Fun Mr. Paul Aints Atheist NIght
Friday August 10th, the St. Paul Saints will host a tailgate party before their game, both of which are sponsored by the Minnesota Atheists and the American Atheists. The team will wear jerseys with the name “Mr Paul Aints” which will be auctioned after the game as a fundraiser for the organizations.

The Saints are a member of the North Division of the American Association of Independent Professional Baseball, which is not affiliated with Major League Baseball.

The event is being called “A Night of Unbelievable Fun.” Everywhere a sign in the stadium calls them the “Saints” the letter S will be covered. Banners for the organization will hang in the stadium and an information table will be set up at the entrance.

After the show, the engineering made possible by science will be shown off in the means of a fireworks display.

What do you think about the promotion? Does it get your church-sanctioned panties in a bunch? Do you think it free-speech? Are you glad to see Atheism taking its place next to other believe systems? Or do you find the whole thing easily disregarded as another minor-league prank?

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  • elmo10

    All I gotta say is that if God didn’t exist neither would Atheists!.. Let them have their fun. They don’t get to celebrate much since they don’t have many holidays!

    • kurt

      “if God didn’t exist neither would Atheists”
      troll or just dumb? cast your votes.

    • We have athe-mas, athester, athoween, athiest fools day, athiest new year, atheist valentines day

  • Jj

    This promotion disgusts me. How can Atheists do something like that? They’re all going to suffer for eternity

  • Matt

    Man, I am tired of hearing bible beaters talking about how America is a “christian nation”. Well I have news for you, it is not. People have the right to believe, or not believe in whatever they want. I am Jewish, what if I want to have an event at a minor league ball park and have the uniforms, signage, and advertisements all in Yiddish? Would that tick you off too? Because when you look at it, that would be doing the exact same thing that these atheists are doing. They are not forcing you to become an atheist, so don’t force them to be a “christian”.

    • Barnyard

      Amen bro, amen.

    • Pete

      Matt, you are so confused, it’s ridiculous. If you wanted to have a Jewish event at the ballpark, I can tell you with 99% certainty, that it isn’t the Christians who will give you a problem, it’s these very atheists who will get their panties in a bunch, just like they do ANYTIME that ANY RELIGION has any sort of public demonstration. Furthermore, I love those of you who argue that this is a free speech issue. For the record, I totally agree with that. What I find ironic about that argument is that according to the U.S. Constitution, freedom of speech is a God-given right…

  • BigBlue

    I am all for free speech and freedom of religion. I am a Christian, but I don’t believe that anybody, from any religion should be forcing their beliefs on somebody. I would think that if this were sponsored by a Church and they set made the whole stadium into a venue for a Super-Church, then atheists would be all over it. Just let people make up their mind based on there own thought, not some little pamphlet they get at a minor league baseball game. With all that being said, I think it’s very clever and actually pretty funny.

    • Richard

      The team is called The Saints. The Saints.

      You and I have a difference of opinion which we’re not likely to resolve any time soon. In the meantime can we just agree that for the most part we’re both decent people and enjoy a little good-hearted fun?

      • Doug

        There ain’t no Saints. I love this promotion!

    • Richard

      Serves me right for not reading your whole comment. Carry on, then.

  • Anthony

    My local minor league team had a “Mass in the Grass” for us Catholics before the game. So therefore I think they can do this if they want. I would just not want to go, thats all. But it can be done!

    • Doug

      Did the priests and little boys enjoy themselves?

      • Barnyard


      • elmo10

        Dude! I’m so freakin’ tired of Catholic priests getting a bad reputation because a few of them had problems. What about the Baptist Minister who killed his wife and three children or the Presbyterian leader who was busted underage for sex trafficking underage girls and boys. I’m just saying there’s leaders in every religion that are the scum of the earth, but most of them are good, honest people who lead good lives!

        • elmo10

          Sorty, I meant busted for sex trafficking underage girls and boys!

          • elmo10

            Sorry – damn typos

  • kurt

    as an atheist i find it kind of funny, but also think this is weird that a business would align themselves to a set of beliefs and risk alienating a large customer base. “mass in the grass” is definitely weird too.

    • D.C. Swinton

      I’m with Kurt, here. I am an Atheist/Pantheist, and I find it pretty hilarious and awesome. I think it’s as reasonable as any association with a church is. To assume that all of your fans – and this goes for any team, major or minor – are Christians, is a bad idea.

      • Doc

        D.C. Swinton wrote “I am an Atheist/Pantheist” which bring me to ask a logical question…

        How can you be both an atheist and a pantheist?

        Pantheism is the view that the Universe and God are identical. (there is a God but its not personable).
        Atheism is the veiw that there is absolutly no God.

        Wouldnt it be logical to hold closer to the to being an agnostic?

        Being agnostic is simply not knowing for sure, you have no hard evidence to support either point of view atheism or pantheism. Which is ok.

  • Brian

    Love it!

  • PT2

    I think it’s pretty stupid that a sports team thinks it is a good idea to align itself with a religious-based organization and wear jerseys for them. Changing the name of the city and the team is pretty disrespectful in and of itself but this is just as dumb as if their regular name was sponsored by the Church. Seems more like a desperate publicity move more than anything else.

  • Brad

    Seems very desperate. I think you alienate more people than you would cater to. If I owned a team, I would never cater to any religious organization. I wonder if any players will have a problem with this…I wonder if any will sit the game out.

  • David Fortin Côté

    I am atheist, in a kind of way I find this funny and it would be funny if a chrisitan organisation would do the same to a team that have a more scientific name or something like that. But, in an other way I am a big history fan and I am pretty sure they chose the name Saints for a reason which was done under an historical context. I have a huge respect for history and I think it’s just part of who we are. So if the team’s name is Saints, so be it.

  • Charlie

    This is the same team that had the Larry Craig Bobble foot doll. I wouldn’t take anything too seriously. They are partly owned by Bill Murray and they try to have fun. You bible people will freak out, but it’s just another joke done by the Saints.

    • kurt

      bill murray, you say? i just more on board with this idea.

  • Edward C.

    While I’m certainly for freedom of speech ….. that freedom does not guarantee that your speech will be smart. I think this is a boneheaded move by the Saints, as it will alienate a sizable portion of their fan base.

    • Jimmy

      It’s for one game that’s it

  • Thomas

    I’m not religious, but this is kinda weird. There’s nothing wrong with it, a lot of teams have faith night, and nothing is wrong with an Atheist night, but why? Sports and Religion are totally separate, and they should stay that way. And if they have it, at least don’t change the unis! They’re horrible!

  • Andy

    Meh, not a big deal. If you have a problem with it then you should take it up with the government because the first amendment says this is aloud to happen.

  • Zachary Jacob Zblewski

    Relevant: “The Saints have historically hosted a variety of faith-based and heritage-based events during their 20 seasons. These events have included Faith and Family Nights, contemporary Christian music concerts, and last season’s Jewish Heritage Night. They have taken on the Science vs. Religion debate with their Evolution vs. Creationism spinning bobble head giveaway in 2010. The Saints have done an annual Latino Night, wearing Viva Los Santos jersey’s. They also changed their name to “The Paul” for a game when the Minnesota Vikings took on the New Orleans Saints in the 2010 NFC Championship Game. In each instance the Saints took a respectful and fun approach to the promotional topics.”

  • Hazen Markoe

    I am not an atheist, but I do find the whole promotion rather amusing given the Saints’ promotional history. This is America, and people are entitled to their beliefs, no matter how some of us may feel.

    • Hazen Markoe

      Oh…and this is an organization that has a nun who offers messages. She is so popular that she had her own “bobble-hands” doll made. 🙂

  • Cm

    The other teams dugout has a sign that says sinners

  • Say what again

    Athiests talk more about god then christans. I feel as if this is forcing an opinion on the christans who go to the games. Do the players have any say in this?

    • jim

      say what again – Nobody talks more about god than christians and nobody jams their beliefs down your throat like christians

  • Rob Lein

    Does this mean the Minnesota Twins are going to have a night where they are called the Minnesota Wins and it’s going to be a special night for winners? Wait, the way the Twins are playing this year, that wouldn’t work.

    • Niel Bor

      That’s probably the worst not funny and unclever comment I have ever seen on this website

  • Bill Kuendig

    I absolutely have to have one of those shirts. Anybody know where I can get one?

  • thebops

    If I were to go to this game, I’d make my Cross chain visible. If no one had a problem with me wearing that, then I don’t think I should have the right to have a problem with them. I strongly disagree with athiests, but they have the right to their own opinion. In actuality, I wouldn’t be a good Christian if I were to hate these people because of their beliefs. I simply ask that they do not hate me and other Christians.

  • thomas

    True Christians don’t shove their beliefs and judgements down peoples throats.Forcing ones beliefs defeats the whole purpose. It’s like when I hear people tell someone to “tell me your sorry” Whats the point if the apology isn’t heartfelt ? But I am tired of the stereotypes that get pinned on Christians though. Just as it is wrong to judge a whole race, culture, profession , religion etc based on the actions of some, you can’t judge us as a whole. I believe God’s word is true, its man that misconstrues the truth due to ego and to fit their own lifestyle. I believe a lot of Christians pick and choose the easier laws of the bible and ignore the harder ones. It is HARD not to judge people, as a society , we do it a lot unknowingly. If someone wants to go this game, go. It doesn’t bother me, it doesn’t affect me or my family or beliefs one bit. I am not ‘the judge’ or a judge. Personally , I just wouldn’t support a company that promoted an event like this. It’s about choice, nothing more.

  • ingmar66

    The idea is very nice and very funny but the shirts are not, unfortunately. And what about the hats? Change the STP to MRP? That would be really smart.

  • mcb67

    I’m a Christian, and I think it’s funny. Especially “Mr. Paul”.

    The Saints have a nun that gives massages at their games, I wonder if she changed out of her habit.