Gotham Rogues Football Team Featured in Batman: Dark Knight Rises Will Have Gear Available

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Batman The Dark Knight Rises Gotham Rogues UA

After the success of teams adding references to their jerseys, Under Armour has announced that they will soon be selling the jerseys, and other gear, seen in the movie, Batman: The Dark Knight Rises.  Various web shops have been selling rogue Rogues merchandise, but it looks now like you will be able to purchase real jerseys and fanwear from UA.

Batman The Dark Knight Rises Gotham Rogues jersey

Replica versions of the Gotham Rogues jerseys are being made

Also available soon will be the Hines Ward Mc Farlane, in his Gotham Rogues uniform.

Batman The Dark Knight Rises Gotham Rogues hines ward

McFarlane releasing a Dark Knight Rises Gotham Rogues Hines Ward

Ward is featured in the football stadium scene, catching a pass and taking it to the end zone as the turf opens up a huge hole behind him.

Batman The Dark Knight Rises Gotham Rogues hines ward with hole

Screen capture from the Dark Knight Rises trailer

The Rogues even have their own team website. Though it is unclear if that is part of the large viral marketing being done for the movie, or a fansite.

Rogues gear is sure to be a big seller if the movie is as big a hit as the previous two installments.

Batman The Dark Knight Rises Gotham Rogues tshirt

Gotham Rogues shirt, available from RedBubble

Are you going to buy Rogues gear? Do you see the point in memorializing a small part of the movie? Or do you think that the crossover between Batman and football is right up your alley?

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