UNLV changing up their helmet design

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UNLV Rebels NCAA Football new helmets - new helmet 2012 white with red outline

The Rebels will sport a slightly tweaked helmet design  for 2012. A little darker silver, grey facemasks, a white UNLV with a red outline, and a large stripe down the center.

UNLV Rebels NCAA Football new helmets - new helmet 2012 front with stripe

Front view, showing the wide stripe

It has been reported that UNLV helmets featured a center stripe from 1968 through 1988, but it has been absent since then and at the time, that it was a Scarlet stripe with a white outline. We have found this to be untrue.

UNLV Rebels NCAA Football new helmets - new helmet 2012 back with stripe

New helmet 2012 back with stripe and uniform number

One of UNLV football’s favorite sons, Randall Cunningham played for them from 1982-1984 and as you can see below, his helmet had a white stripe, bracketed by red, just like the new helmet.

UNLV Rebels NCAA Football new helmets - new helmet 2012 - Cunninghan 1984

Note the more metallic silver, and the Rebels words on the side

Another issue with that above statement, is that in 2008, the team had a single black stripe down the center.

UNLV Rebels NCAA Football new helmets - new helmet 2012 - 2008 team

2008 showed single black stripes on the helmets.

In any case, we believe the stripes and re-coloring look nice. Here is how they looked last year.

UNLV Rebels NCAA Football new helmets - 2011 design

This is the design from 2011, you can see the lack of a stripe

Do you like the new look? Does it make it more legible? Or is this just a small tweak for a small team, and not something you are interested in?

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  • BringItBack

    Looks nice and clean, reminds me a lot of the “white gold” helmets of the 1962-63 S.F. 49ers.

  • DJ

    Looks more like gray than silver.

  • BigBlue

    Moving away from black would be a welcome change. There is so much BFBS in the NCAA nowadays. Like BringItBack said, maybe go in a 49ers direction and go with some old school, fauxback uni’s. Can’t say that would look bad with the red, silver and white.

  • Adam

    I love the new look, the jersey is still lacking, but they’re going in the right direction. A Nebraska-esque plain red jersey, with white letters/numbers and maybe some gray trim, and UNLV quickly becomes one of the best dressed teams

  • ingmar66

    Excellent helmet, this new one. Never ever change it from now on.

  • joe

    unlv sucks at football. They should just quit playing, it’s pathetic. And sam boyd stadium is a tolet bowl. If ever there was a stadium that could best be described as an armpit, this is the place. rebels blow

  • Joes Daddy

    Hey joe why don’t u stfu. U prolly never played football or any sport for that matter and your probably some 45 year old unemployed loser who is single and has no kids. U really need to stop acting like a prick

  • Will

    These look nice, an improvement. What I think would be really cool though is for UNLV to go to a red helmet. Both UNR and UNLV use silver in their color scheme because of course, Nevada is the Silver State.

    What I think would be neat is for UNR and UNLV to wear blue and red helmets respectively. Then for their rivalry game, the winner of the previous seasons rivalry contest gets to wear a silver helmet with blue or red trim, respectively. I think battling for the honor to wear the silver and represent the state of Nevada would add a cool touch. Maybe the team that wins the rivalry game could even wear the silver all of the following year, or just have the option to wear it when they want, but the other school is ‘banned’ (agrees not to wear) from the silver helmet that following year.