Michigan Announces One-Use Jersey for Opening Game Against Alabama

Written By:  •  Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Michigan Uniform Alabama cowboy stadium opening day alt


When the Wolverines take the field in Arlington Texas, in the supersized Cowboys Stadium to take on Alabama in their opening game. They will be wearing special jerseys. Seen above, the traditional white is now shoulder-capped with maize, which in pinstriped in blue. The block M is in navy on the shoulders and on the hip of their pants.

Reports are saying, contrary to these photos released by Michigan athletics, that the players will sport the helmets with their uniform numbers on the side, as they wore last year.

Michigan Uniform Alabama cowboy stadium opening day helmet numbers wolverines

2011 Wolverines with numbered helmets

Also new to the team with be word-find jumble boggle gloves, surely meant to confuse.

Michigan Uniform Alabama cowboy stadium opening day wolverines gloves

Can you find the word "Hail" 6 times?

New uniforms for Michigan was once a borderline-blasphemous statement. Now, its almost expected. These will be for one game. Do you like them? Do you see the point? Would you like them to be crazier? Will the ever-catered-to “youth” and “recruits” love them?

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