NBA Ready to Take us all Back to the ’90s

Written By:  •  Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hey, remember the ’90s?

Well if you don’t you’re about to get a rude awakening.

For the upcoming 2012-13 season the National Basketball Association and their Hardwood Classics program is set to honour the most experimental period, uniform-wise, in it’s history.

Thanks to a series of Tweets from’s Spencer Ryan Hall we have gotten a look at what teams will be taking part and what uniforms they’ll be using… and all the classics are there.

See for yourself:

In Hardwood Classics of seasons past teams will typically wear these uniforms against the other teams participating… and since only two of these teams are wearing white, prepare to see a lot of that Raptors and Pacers uniform next season.

UPDATE (Jul 24/12 @ 13:29 ET): The apparent official Toronto Raptors Media account @RaptorsPR is claiming the Raptors will not be wearing this uniform in the upcoming season, it’s possible that these are then just jerseys adidas is producing for sale and nothing more?  No words from any of the other teams listed as of yet…

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  • changot

    These are cool!!! I have the white toronto raptor damon stoudamire!!! and btw chris does anyone ever told that you kinda look like scott pollard? just sayin!!!

  • Aaron

    Out of all the jerseys that came out in the 90’s, the best looking ones are the Bulls (they use a version of this one only it says Chicago), Suns, Heat and the Pacers (even though these will be forever linked to the Malice in the Palace). I guess it’s mainly because except for the Suns, neither of the mentioned teams were stupid enough to put a big logo on the front of the jersey. As a Raptors fan, I’ll give them credit for creativity for an expansion team at that time. The only jerseys they’re missing are the Pistons horsepower jerseys, Grizzlies turquoise jerseys even though they’re in Memphis now, the Warriors cutting edge design jerseys, the Nets powder blue gradient jerseys even though they’re now in Brooklyn. As for the other jerseys, well kind of glad they kept them in the 90’s.

  • Jer

    I’ve always loved that Raptors jersey, have 2 purple and 1 white one at home in fact. Looking forward to seeing this.

  • I have a feeling that gradients were first introduced to computer design software around this time…

    • kurt

      sorry to be the bringer of bad news, but if you like these, you have bad taste.
      i just went through each of these teams’ history of jerseys and except for the pacers and bulls, these are all the worst jerseys these franchises have ever worn. i’ve never been so sure before that the 90s were terrible for sports design.

      • Bobby

        Kurt, That’s all a matter of opinion my brother.

        I would have liked to see the Grizzlies rock one of those teal unis again.

  • “and since only two of these teams are wearing white, prepare to see a lot of that Raptors and Pacers uniform next season.”

    I dunno, I don’t think the viewers would have too much time discerning which team was which in a color-on-color match between a bright red team and a black team

  • Matthew Jones

    I vaguely remember the Hawks wearing the red jerseys at home a few times in the 90s. Also, don’t you think that this is only a preview of the jerseys rather than the final product?

  • Jeason Gagnon

    I have my purple ready for the season! go Raptors!

  • Yuck. Then again I said the same thing about the 70s jerseys and 80s jerseys until recently so maybe I just need another decade to come around on these 90s designs. But as of now, yuck.

  • Brad

    I love it! Bring is back to creativity. These look a lot better than the boring cookie-cutter jerseys that are now in the NBA. I still have the green Bucks jersey in my closet. It was my favorite jersey of theirs. I bought it in 93 or 94 and haven’t bought another one since (hated the purple era). I always wanted a black suns one or that awesome Raptors one…hopefully I’ll get that chance now.

  • Matt

    Bulls, Kings, Pacers: fine. Everyone else: terrible.

    • B. A. Smith

      Bulls, Pacers, Heat, and Suns are good enough to still be used.

  • Aaron

    The green bucks third jersey wouldn’t have been so bad if the logo wasn’t at the front of it. In fact, it probably would’ve been their main road jersey instead of the purple vomit jerseys they wore during the 90’s. As much as I liked the Raptors jerseys back then, I knew it was time to simplify the uniforms. The only thing I’ll give the Jazz is that they made it to the finals twice with the mountain jerseys. As for the Hawks, Sixers, Cavs and Rockets, nice idea, but poorly executed. The Kings, well even with a two tone jersey (black and purple), they looked kind of cool. The Raptors even tried something similar in the early 2000’s

  • JB

    Wow I can’t believe the Sixers are gona bring out those eye sores. I cant lie as a sixers fan( and a late 80s-90s kid) I’m happy to see us bring back a jersey that reminds me of being a kid, however the mid 90s “Iverson rookie year” redesigns were so much better imo. I loved the 90s jerseys but some were obviously a bit much (kings, sixers, pistons, grizz, jazz, etc. Jerseys from the list I love: Bulls, Suns, Heat, Pacers, and yes the Raptors lol. Cavs I oddly liked a bit as well. Can’t wait to see these in person and on tv!

  • How do you do this and not get the old Vancouver Grizzlies uniforms? It’s also a shame we won’t get those 90s Sonics uniforms.

    • …. Or the teal Pistons uniforms

  • D.C. Swinton

    The Bulls should return their black alternates, and with the Hawks having the best uniform set in the league, I would be intrigued by a more modern version of this 90s jersey. This Sixers and the Heat jerseys are terrible. There is too much happening on the Toronto jersey, but I would prefer if the team went back to the wordmark and had a more unique jersey design and colors than the present day. Cleveland doesn’t need to go back to the 90s uniforms here, but they also don’t need to keep their present post-LeBron jerseys. Ew. The Kings: wtf? I always liked the Rockets’ jerseys. The Suns jersey is not terrible, but I prefer the modern day set…maybe not the most recent updates, though. I think a small buck head on the modern-day Milwaukee shorts ould be cool, but not these jerseys on the whole. Indiana’s jerseys were cool, and there still is no Jazz in Utah. -_-

  • ingmar66

    Horrible era, uniform wise. Leave it to the NBA and adidas to keep on disapointing me. Only the Raptors and the Pacers uniforms are not eyesores.

  • Jed

    The Suns jerseys listed above were the best along with the Atlanta Hawks duds.

  • Kevin

    Where’s the SuperSonics and Vancouver Grizzlies. Those were the best 90’s uniforms ever! And what about the Orlando Magic! Come on NBA!

  • Chase

    Only if the pistons participated in this with their teal/horse jerseys

  • Rob

    I agree with a lot of the posters,,,The Bulls,Pacers,Suns and Heat jersey’s are great! The others NO!! I don’t recall that Bucks jersey,did they really wear that?? Love that Pacers jersey, Wish they would use those full time.

  • Freackxs

    Hope they won’t add stupid sponsors and mix it with this part of heritage!

  • The Heat, Bulls, Pacers aren’t bad, and the Jazz harken back to their most successful years. Everyone else’s are just weird.

  • Nick

    The Jazz and The Heat are the best in my opinion, The Suns and the Cavs are close.

  • R Mads

    I like the concept of paying homage to the 90’s, since it’s old enough to garner nostalgia. I’d love to see the Memphis Grizzlies wear their inaugural season jerseys from back when they were in Vancouver, because that design was pretty neat.

  • Adam Luther

    what ive always noticed is that the thunder only have two jerseys, never any alternates, tribute jerseys, i really think they should put on for the sonics with the yellow or the green jerseys this year

  • Torrence

    If only the picked the Pacers unis designed by Flo-Jo herself

  • Flavius

    No Orlando Magic pinstripes jersey? C’mon, now.

  • She did wears ABA Jerseys from last year