Rockets Unveil 2013 NBA All-Star Logo, Is It Templatey?

Written By:  •  Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Here’s something we missed… the logo for the 2013 NBA All-Star Game was unveiled late last month by the Houston Rockets at their draft party.

There’s not much to say about the logo, other than it feels template-ish… when I saw it my first thought was how predictable the design was.

NBA All-Star Logos: 2012 vs. 2013... feels similar doesn't it?

Like 2012’s Orlando hosted All-Star Game, the logo features a large star with three smaller stars around it, an “ALL-STAR” wordmark across the front above a swoosh which includes “CITY NAME – YEAR”.

What I miss is the days when these logos were highly customized to the region actually hosting the game.  Change the colours of any of those two logos above and they’d work for any other team or city…

Fun with templates!

Save for a few extra maple leaves thrown in on the Toronto one, all of those logos in the graphic above would be realistic NBA All-Star logos for any of those cities. Amiright?

Anyways, the new 2013 logo has been added to SportsLogos.Net – go check it out and give it a rating… the 2012 All-Star Game logo has a rating of 7/10 if you’re looking for inspiration.

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  • Mindless

    Pardon my ignorance, however, when did the NBA phase out the words “Game” or “Weekend” from their “All-Star ___” celebration? It’s ridiculous that they cannot make this distinction on their logos; and this League is not the only sport that is this inconsiderate. I’m looking at you, Major League Soccer!

  • Javier

    Sooo disapointed!!! I mean whats going on whit the nfl and nba??? Firts it was the superbowl logos, then the playoffs logos, and then the NBA and his all star logos, both leagues are in a very poor stages where they have become lazzy in making original logos, they should whatch and learn form mlb

  • ..totally agree, it seems like every single pro sports league is going “template”, is this a globalization issue?
    they’re totally losing the city identity with the event and even missing the point of hosting it. Eventually they’ll lose their fans too.

  • Nicky Santoro

    I mostly agree with your assessment, but the Houston All-Star logo does have a small touch that makes a unique connection to the team. The red section where Houston 2013 is written makes it look like their logo, because of its circular look, like a rocket leaving the ground. It’s a very small aspect of the logo, but something unique to the team nonetheless.

  • Tommy

    Why are they hosting another All-Star weekend? This is ridiculous. Houston just hosted in 2006. It’s time to switch it up! The NBA is and has been moving in the wrong direction over the past several years.

  • ingmar66

    Typically NBA: lazy effort, bland result, fixation with ugly fonts and ugly gradients. It is getting harder and harder for me to take the NBA serious, also from a logo point of view.