Mississippi State Bulldogs Unveil New Unis For 2012

Written By:  •  Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mississippi State teased via Twitter over the past month that they would have new jerseys unveiled today, and now we can all see them.

The new uniforms are the traditional school colours of maroon and white and offer a new silver pant option.  Silver, white, and maroon pants are available and can be mixed-and-matched wither the home maroons or the road whites.

Adidas is the manufacturer of the new duds and they have used their TECHFIT technology in the creation of the jerseys.

“Our players love the design of these new uniforms, but more importantly they really like the feel and performance of the new material… we’re looking forward to showing them off on Sept. 1.” –  head coach Dan Mullen said

New design features include a larger “MISSISSIPPI STATE” wordmark logo on the front of the jersey under the collar, and a design of the State of Mississippi on the back of the jersey above the player names.

The State of Mississippi design above the player names on jersey backs

Mississippi State is also expected to unveil special one-game jerseys later this year for their game against Texas A&M and for their annual Egg Bowl matchup against state-rivals Ole Miss.

A video of the uniform unveil is below:

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  • wesley

    is it just me or does every adidas jersey now look exactly alike? some crazy, stupid stripe somewhere on every jersey

  • LOL

    Looks exactly like a&m’s uni’s. go figure haha. #aggiefail

    • Daniel

      I was thinking the same exact thing. Way to go Adidas… your creative department is top-notch.

  • Thomas

    A lways
    D istraught
    I diotic
    D ull
    A nd
    S tupid

  • Looks a lot like Alabama from the front and back with that white helmet stripe.

  • kurt

    Just realized the overabundance of teams who sport some sort of deep red and white as their colors in the SEC West; Mississippi State, Texas A&M, Alabama, and Arkansas. Everybody prepare to have to explain to your wives, girlfriends, sisters, and mothers who’s on the TV.
    I don’t like the big “Mississippi State” text across the chest. With the Adidas and SEC logos on there as well, it looks busy. However, I really like how they use the ribbon shape from their logo in other places. It looks really nice on the helmet with the player number on the back and similarly on the pants. Pretty cool.
    Also, what’s with the Adidas haters? I get the feeling that there’s a lot of people who lap up everything Nike does and turn their nose up at everything else.

  • D.C. Swinton

    This really does look too similar to other new uniforms. They could’ve kept the stripes of the jersey and undershirt…maybe keep the larger upper chest logo.

  • Rob

    Not their best but better than what they wore last year.These uniforms of today are definitely too tight.I don’t know about most of you but I really do not enjoy watching players wearing such skin tight uniforms.That coupled with this combat robot look,and youv’e got a football video game on the TV.

  • ingmar66

    Standard stuff except for the state patch on the back. My problem with adidas is that they confuse ‘traditional’ with ‘conservative’. It is possible to design a nice uniform that recalls previous seasons without boring everybody’s pants off. No, I am not on the Nike or Russell or UnderArmour payroll, and these brands make faux passes as well every now and then, but adidas should get out of American sports. They just don’t get it right and should concentrate on soccer and athletics.