Northwestern University will “Reclaim The Stripe” with their new 2012 Under Armour uniforms

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northwestern university new uniforms uni under armour wildcats feature

The “Northwestern Stripe” is famous and prevalent across all manners of football and even sport. It originated in 1928 on the sleeves of the Northwestern football jerseys. (Yes, kids, football jerseys used to actually have sleeves.)  Many years, the football team the started the stripes didn’t sport them. That will change for 2012.

northwestern university new uniforms uni under armour wildcats white stripe detail

Northwestern Stripe Detail

Under Amour announced the new look today with options for black or white pants. One helmet, in the normal purple, was shown.

northwestern university new uniforms uni under armour wildcats purple gloves

No New Uniform Can Be Complete Without A Custom Glove

The most interesting feature is indeed the stripe. Now across the chest and on the sleeves of the tight undershirt.  This chest striping seems to us to be unique in football.

northwestern university new uniforms uni under armour wildcats purple stripes

Chest Detail


northwestern university new uniforms uni under armour wildcats all white

All White Uniform Version

What do you think about the “Reclaim The Stripe” campaign? Do you find it odd that the stripe goes across the chest, or do you love the creative approach to get the stripes back onto the now sleeveless jerseys?


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  • I’ve never heard the term “Northwestern stripe” until now. Are there any pictures of the 1928 jerseys or NU’s use of stripes through the years?

  • JR Francis

    Here is the history page for Northwestern Football:

    Scroll down to 1928 to see the first use of their stripe.

  • Anthony

    I like the idea of “reclaiming the stripe” but it doesnt need to go across the chest.

  • BigBlue

    I like ’em. Not a design feature that you see too often, the stripes across the chest, at least not in Football. It makes Northwestern stand-out among the traditional uniforms in the BigTen.

  • kurt

    i like it. the black stripe on purple doesn’t work too well because there’s not much contrast but all in all it’s a simple and distinct look that nobody else has. unique without being overbearing.

    nice work, underarmour. you didn’t create another maryland-esque debacle.

  • Thomas

    YES! This looks so good! You take a cool but uncommon color in sports(Purple) and pull off combining it with a very rare stripe. So brilliant and simple.

  • BL.

    I dig these uniforms.

  • Matt

    I don’t get how the jerseys with the under sleeve things are supposed to work for the o and d line with their massive arms

  • Daniel

    I like them.

  • Nathan

    stripe across the chest gives a retro feel to it…

  • AndrewSa888

    Very nice. Like them a lot.

  • Elvis

    Very nice, I like them a lot actually.

  • yh

    I presume the sublimated pattern within the numbers is a nod to famous Chicagoan Frank Lloyd Wright.

    • VAWildcat

      The pattern on the numbers is a design element from Northwestern campus architecture, NOT Frank Lloyd Wright.

      And I like the whole package. The black on purple stripe does disappear from a distance but is very nice close up. It’s unique without being crazy.

  • How will these jerseys work from a retail standpoint? I highly doubt anyone’s gonna go out there and buy the corresponding compression gear to kick it with their buddies.

  • Brad

    I love them! Way to think out of the box Northwestern!

  • Ryan P.

    Never thought chest stripes ala Montreal Canadiens would look good on a football jersey, but they do.

  • Aaron

    Introducing les Canadiens de Nord-ouest Universite. Pretty cool look for a football uniform. May or may not work in the NFL.

  • ingmar66

    Nice one, but too bad the shirt is sleeveless. It would work even better on a traditional shirt with sleeves.

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