Nebraska Announces Special Uniforms for Sept 29 Game Against Wisconsin

Written By:  •  Friday, July 27, 2012

Nebraska Alternate Uniforms Against Wisconsin both

Nebraska adds a special one-game uniform, including black helmets, a jersey with black shoulder stripes, and a large black N on the chest.

Nebraska Alternate Uniforms Against Wisconsin close

Small Chest Numbers Above the Large N

Excusing the addition of black, designers have mentioned the fact that Nebraska vs Wisconsin is all red and white. Adding the black doesn’t sit well with long-time traditional-minded fans.

Nebraska Alternate Uniforms Against Wisconsin back

Backs of the New Alt Jerseys

Nebraska Alternate Uniforms Against Wisconsin stripes

Black Shoulder Stripes


Nebraska Alternate Uniforms Against Wisconsin Side

Nebraska Alternate Uniforms Against Wisconsin Side

Nebraska Alternate Uniforms Against Wisconsin Gloves

The required logo gloves

Check out the video: Nebraska Alt Uniforms

What do you think? Great alternative look to provide distinction? Or, crazy gimmick?

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  • Brad

    Crazy! I like that they are differentiating themselves visually from Wisconsin. As a fan, it was confusing to see the 2 teams play (uniforms being to close), but as a players, it could only be that much worse. Not really a fan of the Large “N” but I’ll respect them for doing something different.

  • D.C. Swinton

    I don’t know how to respond. This is football, not hockey. Try these on the ice version.

    • Kevin

      Just awful in every way.

  • Tone

    Looks very good

  • AndrewSa888

    Seriously? These are terrible.

  • Joseph Newell

    this is getting worse and worse……..Thanks Oregon……..

  • Aaron

    I’d say put the N on the sides of the jerseys or even the top corner. Not bad looking, but yeah, this is football not hockey. And this reminds me of what some of the CFL teams tried to do in the mid-90’s. Logos do not belong on the front of a football jersey unless it’s small and put just underneath the front collar.

  • kurt

    Haha. Seeing “N12” (N to the 12th power) on the chest makes me think of it as part of a mathematical formula and view this as a player wearing a variable as his number.

    But seriously, since when has black been a huskers color? Can we stop adding black to teams’ color schemes sometime soon? I thought that was just going to be a 90s thing.

    • thomas

      Black has been a part of Nebraskas team for a long “Black Shirts” any husker fan could tell you this.

    • Josh

      Hahahaha. I didn’t even notice the N to the 12th power. LMAO.

  • Steven McVeigh

    I think that may have borrowed a little detail from Michigan’s Under the lights uniforms.

  • Thomas

  • Aaron

    BTW, thank goodness their only using this for one game.

  • Nathan

    dont like the big N and they should have re-done the white helmets instead of making them black.

  • Rob

    No, Not Nebraska too!! No need for these at all, even for one game. The big chest N has to go!!

  • BL.

    Very cool uniforms.

    Don’t thank Oregon, there uniforms are made by NIKE, this is ADIDAS so there just trying to copy NIKEs success.

  • ingmar66

    Here we go again, adidas messing up everything. The N looks horrible, the small number reminds me of soccer, the socks remind me of gymnastics. Stick to soccer, tennis and athletics, you triple- striped dunces! Those are sports that you know how to handle, but leave US team sports to other apparel brands!

  • Dude

    The Norteno gang is gonna buy these jerseys up by the truckload!