Commish says No Ads on NFL Unis

Written By:  •  Friday, August 3, 2012

Thankfully the National Football League still has some sense left in them.

“It’s not something that’s actively being considered in the NFL,”, Roger Goodell, commissioner of the NFL told the Detroit Free Press yesterday during a visit to Detroit Lions training camp.

Goodell continued, “We like the look that we have on the field. We have a very limited number of partners on our field in general, much less on the uniform, and we think that’s right for the NFL.”

The comment comes just a few weeks after the National Basketball Association hinted that teams would be allowed to sport small advertiser patches on their jerseys starting in 2013-14.


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  • Troy Griggsby

    Not enough thumbs! Gotta say, I love Goddell’s no bullshit ways.

  • very nice indeed

  • yes!

  • Brian Castner

    There might be hope for this Commissioner yet.

  • Nathan

    yay! i’m glad!

  • Matt

    Unfortunately, it’s only a matter of time…

  • C.d. Luebke

    Goodell, you are the man. Now, if you could just strip the Saints of their 2009 Super Bowl, USC-style…


  • Thank you, Goodell… I mean, Mr. Commish.

  • wolfgangII

    And waste the opportunity of having an standarized add (like Super Bowl and playoffs logos)?

  • Thank you God!

  • ingmar66

    David Stern, are you taking notice of this comment from your NFL colleague???? Think about it (“We like the look we have on the field”) and get rid of the crazy idea of sponsors on NBA uniforms.

  • Sportsguy

    Well ads on jerseys work fine for the Arena Football there not overwhelming so Idk why it would be stupid to have them on the NFL jerseys.