First Look at 2013 MLB All-Star Game Logo

Written By:  •  Friday, August 3, 2012

It appears that the New York Mets team store on 42nd Street in New York is giving us all our first look at the 2013 Major League Baseball All-Star Game Logo.

The original photo from the NY Mets team store, courtesy @stadiumpage

Thanks to a Tweet sent to us by Eric Okurowski (‏@StadiumPage) we can see that the logo for next seasons Mid-Summer Classic plays off the Mets primary logo by incorporating the famous skyline and bridge the team has used since their first season in 1962.

The Mets and Major League Baseball were expected to unveil this logo in the coming days.

How does the 2013 logo compare with the logos of the past three MLB ASGs?

The 2013 Major League Baseball All-Star Game is scheduled to be played at Citi Field in Queens, New York on July 16, 2013.  It is the first All-Star Game to be hosted by the New York Mets since they hosted the 1964 game 50 seasons prior to 2013.

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  • Eric

    Not a fan of the light blue, would have loved to see more orange with white lettering.

  • Aaron

    Love the snowdome affect. Simple and clean.

  • Ryan

    “Mets” script placement looks weird. Granted it’s italicized which makes it tough to incorporate and it looks like the bottom of the script is centered, but the rest of the script draws the eye to the right, creating the illusion of off-centeredness. It also looks too far removed from the bridge below.

  • As a Mets fan, I would have liked to see more orange. Sub in orange for that weird light blue edging. But even with the lack of orange and odd choice of light blue, it still looks great.

  • KGee

    I don’t think that’s light blue I think that’s Grey, but I love the logo!

  • taste

    Met fan and I can certainly live with that. Kinda hoped they incorporated the apple, but it looks just fine.

  • Anthony

    The last time an all-star log have a team name on it was 2003 “SOX”. Since 2004 the only reference to which team was hosting is in the design and the name of the city. And only 2 logos after that actually did list the city, 2004, Houston and 2008, NYC. It seems weird to have “Mets” in the logo, it makes it seem off somehow.

    • Brian

      If I’m not mistaken there are usually two versions of the All Star logo, one with the team name and one with MLB.

  • That ‘Mets’ in the logo will only be in the secondary version of the logo. The primary one (the one they’ll use for the jersey patch) will have ‘MLB’ instead of ‘Mets’.

  • AndrewSa888

    Very nice logo.

  • Metsboy555

    I know it’s part of the consistency, but the asymmetry of the G in Game is killing me.

  • I get a feeling it will be unveiled next week during the home stand

  • John D.

    The “Mets” will probably be subbed out for “MLB” to stay consistent with previous ASG logos. The “Mets” is probably just for the shirt, since it came from a Mets store.

  • ingmar66

    Great logo (but I am a loyal and fierce supporter of this eternally overpaid and underachieving team), but instead of Mets I would have liked to see the interlocked NY of the Mets cap in the skyline. Something with the home run apple would have been nice as well. But one can’t go wrong with the classic bridge, skyline and ball logo. Love it.