Pics: Padres-Mets Turn Clock Back to 1989

Written By:  •  Friday, August 3, 2012

The San Diego Padres and New York Mets have turned the clock back to 1989 tonight in their game at San Diego’s Petco Park.

San Diego went with the matching helmet, New York’s helmet has remained unchanged since 1989 so they kept the modern lid.

In a nice touch, the New York Mets kept their Gary Carter memorial patch on their retro jersey; Carter – who died this past February – played for the 1989 Mets which ended up being his final season with the ballclub.

First up, a side-by-side to compare how well the uniforms look from a historical point of view:

As you can see, both the Padres and Mets did well to match up with the original uniforms.

Both teams uniforms had Majestic logos on the sleeves but no MLB logos on the back collar.  San Diego’s caps had an odd coloured MLB logo on the back of their caps, you’ll see a good shot of it in the photo stream below:


Back of Padres cap, note the odd coloured MLB logo

San Diego’s local FOX affiliate went that one step further for their on-air graphics

The New York Mets kept the Gary Carter patch, Carter’s played for the Mets in 1989 – his last with the club

Padres wearing matching batting helmets

The San Diego Padres are planning one more throwback game to be played in September during which they will be wearing their late 1990s navy blue and orange look.

Which begs the following question for our poll:

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  • Watching this games tonight and both teams are rocking the 80’s unis

  • The Cardinals and Brewers are suppose to wear uniforms from 1982 on saturday and sunday.

  • MadPanda

    A nice surprise to see the Mets in these! Hope they find a reason to wear the home version of those sometime this year. As for the Padres, I like the mustard-and-mud combination that the Rays ripped off earlier this year. It’s as unique to SD as the green and gold is to Oakland.

  • Matthew Schilling

    I wish San Diego would bring back brown as their primary color. It would be unique to Major League Baseball. How many navy blue teams does there really have to be anyway? I think a brown/sand color combo would look great!

  • that Padres uniform is awesome.

  • Ben in LA

    The green and gold of Oakland started in Kansas City…just saying…

  • Aaron

    I’d’ve probably mentioned this before, but if the Padres ever went back to brown, it should be a darker brown than the one shown here. Use the sand metallic as gold and you can somehow incorporate the orange in there. Like on the SD cap logo, make the S sand cour and the D orange. Similar to what they did in the 90’s.

  • 11in ’11

    I think these Padres unis are sharp. The Padres font on these is very nice. I personally like the brown and orange, but brown and gold would be nice. Even they don’t want the brown to return, they should go to the late 90s look.

  • Aaron

    As far as the mid to late 90’s look goes, those were sharp and probably could’ve stuck around now. Even though they had midnight navy, in some ways they look like it could’ve had a hint of brown.

  • ingmar66

    Brown in a MLB uniform, only the Padres could pull it off and still look cool. But I prefer the gold to the orange. This brown pinstripe set still looks much better than the bland stuff they are wearing this season. As for the Mets uniforms, it’s a classic but it needs buttons.

  • Jed

    Still like these Padres uniforms they used for the turn back the clock event and wishing they go back to them. Very sharp.

  • Aaron

    The Padres uniforms from this era looked fine. The brown caps could’ve been a tad darker. However they seemed to have greater success when they switched to navy. As far as the Mets uniforms from this era goes, very classic. However, they could’ve used the buttons.