Cardinals Look Absolutely Beautiful in Last Night’s Throwbacks

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The St. Louis Cardinals continued their 30th anniversary celebrations of their World Series victory over the Milwaukee Brewers last night by wearing their powder blue road uniforms from 1982.

I wholeheartedly love the Cardinals in powder blue uniforms; something about their red matched up with that shade of blue as a uniform base, it just looks great together…

Hall of Famer Ozzie Smith in the sweet powder blues during the 1981 season

Yes, I can hear those traditionalists screaming about a team with over 120 seasons under their elastic waistband wearing anything other than grey on the road – but c’mon, the powder blue is an integral part of the Cardinals uniform history at this point…  They’ve won a World Series wearing them and had a future Hall of Famer in Ozzie Smith (who would go in with a Cards cap on his plaque) suit up in this look for the best seasons of his career.  Plus it just looks amazing.

The Cardinals rocked the powder-blue look on the road from 1976-1984.

Milwaukee wore their 2012 road alternate jerseys, St. Louis wore their 2012 socks instead of the ’82 stirrups

As for last night, the Milwaukee Brewers did not participate in the retro jersey matchup – presumably because they would have had to wear their 1982 home jerseys, which would have been just silly to do in St. Louis (almost as silly as the Cards wearing their ’82 roads at home last night).

St. Louis once again wore their 1982 Ken Boyer memorial armband, as well as their World Series 30th anniversary patch – which naturally was not a part of the original ’82 uniforms.

Some photos of the game…




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  • noah

    Wow! Beautiful—I took pause tho—those 3rd and 4th last images look like GRAYS! hahaha

  • Chris Oglesby

    disappointed that the brewers didn’t break out the ball-in-glove uniforms.

  • ugly

  • Kevin Joseph

    Ugh, no. No no no.

    At least some of them were showing some beautiful stripey stirrup.

  • 11in ’11

    I love them! My family are Cardinal fans dating back to early 1900s, so many of my elder relatives loathe the powder blue. I would love to see them utilized as a Friday might home game alternative (via the Blue Jays before they rebranded). The time period these represent are what make them so cool. Bring them back at least part of the time!

    • 11in ’11

      Friday NIGHT, not might…oops.

  • Scooter

    These were Hall of Fame manager Whitey Herzog Era, not all of it, but his crowning achievement.

  • KDub

    I loved seeing the Cardinals is their throwbacks last night on ESPN, but why wasn’t Milwaukee wearing their 82 throwbacks (that are even better)? It looked kinda dumb only having one team doing it.

  • Mike

    I’d love to see the Cardinals to use these as some kind of alternate jersey from now on. Maybe as a home Alt or something. Since they are one of few teams without a true alternate jersey.

  • Jab

    I absolutely love these jerseys. Imo they are the best unis the cards ever wore (or at least 1 of the best). I agree totally agree with others that these should definitely be worn as either a Friday night or Sunday afternoon alternate.

  • ingmar66

    Nice uniform but I want to see it with buttons. And a belt.