UTEP to add modern-style Orange Uniform for the Oklahoma Game

Written By:  •  Monday, August 6, 2012

UTEP new uniform orange

Senior DB Derrick Morgan tweeted an Instagram photo showing the new orange set, with navy across the shoulders.  Funny how breaking uniform news is found these modern days, from players’ Instagram accounts, through the Amaro filter.

The orange uniform is in the “Pro Combat” style, blue shoulders, blue numbers, and a blue stripe on the side of the pants. While the photo is grainy, it appears that the blue stripes on the pants have white piping, while neither the shoulders nor numbers do. This could be an early prototype, or the photo may be of a low quality that created artifacts that make it appear to be piping that isn’t actually there.

Do you like a special uniform for a game where a team is a heavy underdog? Or should they be reserved for rivalry games? Do you like the look?

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