Pics: Houston Astros in 1994 Throwbacks

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The Houston Astros threw back to the 1994 season last night, perhaps in hopes of having the 2012 season also prematurely ended.

Astros players donned the navy blue-and-gold uniforms worn by the club from the 1994-1999 seasons, the team included a patch on the sleeve reading “Astrodome: The Original”, which was only worn in this form for the 1994 season.  The MLB 125 patch also worn in 1994 was not present.

As the Astros have done all season in their Flashback Friday series, matching batting helmets were worn.

Catching equipment and dugout wear was from the modern 2012 colour schemes and designs.

Comparing what was worn last night and what was worn originally from 94-99 we can see the only noticeable difference is the colour of the underbill of the cap, originally light grey in the ’90s, they wore navy blue last night.

Some more photos from the game last night below, note the aforementioned modern day colour scheme in the  catchers gear and in the dugout jackets and sweatshirts:

The Houston Astros will be wearing these throwback uniforms twice more, on August 17th and again on August 31st.

After the game, the Houston Astros tweeted this out:

“After tonight’s win, the players asked to wear the 1990s blue and gold star uniforms for Saturday night’s game. Tonight was Flashback Friday”

Although it’s not sure if they were given permission to wear them again tonight.

They are expected to then wear their 2012 uniforms for the remainder of the season before switching to an entirely new set in 2013.


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  • Troy Griggsby

    The won so they asked if they could wear them again tonight. Try anything.

  • Timm

    Aside from the catcher’s equipment and BP stuff, I’ve liked how committed the Astros were with their throwbacks this season.

  • Any word on if they’re actually wearing them again tonight?

  • Troy Griggsby

    Yes, from “Not wanting to mess with their new luck, the Astros will wear their throwback white uniform with the blue and gold star, circa 1994-1999, for the second consecutive night after wearing it in the series opener as part of the Flashback Friday promotion. It was only the Astros’ fourth victory since the All-Star break and just their fifth in the last 39 games.”

  • Garrett Konrad

    One of the best Astros unis.

  • Troy Griggsby

    The absolute worst IMHO

  • Brian Castner

    I liked this look the best out of everything they’ve worn. The early roads for this look was much better than the later ones as well. Anything is better than the pinstripes though. They’ve never looked right in pinstripes.

  • Ryan

    Add black piping to these and Houston should really consider these for next season

  • Jed

    Those are nice uniforms they wore last night. Wondering what the new batch is going to look like for 2013

  • Squizz

    Geeezzzz you sure seem strung up over that 125 anniversary patch, the unis look great, even without that patch.

    • Chris Creamer

      Merely pointing out the uniforms weren’t 100% accurate… that’s what we do here

  • Aaron

    Very sharp looking uniforms. Not as colorful as their other uniforms, but sometimes less is more.

  • ingmar66

    Tweak it just a little bit (by adding navy piping on the sleeves an/ or around the neck and downwards on the front to match the piping of the pants) and wear it next season, Houston! Looking forward to their 2013 design.

  • Kyle Caughlin

    I’m glad they brought those uniforms back, those were my favorite Astro uniforms.

  • Stephen Peters

    Even without modification, this uniform set could easily be used today. It has just the right amount of futuristic and minimalistic characteristics fused together.

  • I love the home uniform from that era. That’s my favorite Astros uniform ever.