SportsLogos.Net Poll Of The Week: Thoughts on the New Seahawks Look?

Written By:  •  Monday, August 13, 2012

The Seattle Seahawks took to the field this past weekend wearing their new Nike uniforms for the first time, so, now that you’ve seen them on the field… how do you feel about them?

UPDATE (Aug 20/12) Polls are closed and here’s the result, a nice chunk of the voters like the new uniforms (more than I imagined) but the majority just are not fans:

Last week we asked what San Diego Padres colour scheme you liked the most, and the results were very close but ultimately the original brown and yellow of the 1970s prevailed, full results below:

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  • Ben

    When I first saw the jersey after Nike reviled the new NFL jerseys I thought it was awful. But now after seeing the jersey on TV I started to like it.

  • PB Paulie

    These unis just miss the mark for me but I believe it’s just small details that can fix them.
    1. Trim down the swoopy chest/shoulder lines. They look slimmer & tighter on the road jersey and look better.
    2. Lose the monochrome Home look. The blue jersey looks good with white pants. Road jersey looks good with white & blue pants.
    3. Get rid of the grey jersey PERIOD.
    4. Scrap the Wordmark on the left side of the chest. Why is it on the left and not centered? Just don’t do it.

    It’s simple addition by subtraction.

  • Jimmy

    I love em, I’m a Lions fan so no bias here. Nike can make any team looks sweet. I wasn’t a fan of the previous Seahawks uniforms, I didn’t like the all light blue look they wore at home, it would be like if the Buccaneers wore a pewter jersey to go along with the helmet and pants. Love the numbers on this one, the darker blue and the neon color, perfect look for the Seahawks.

  • ingmar66

    No no no, it’s all wrong. The wordmark is wrong and most of all the wings on the pants are very wrong. I have the NFL wallpaper by Nike with a Seahawks player in their previous uniform, but made by Nike. Please bring that one back.

  • MF Cavalli

    Uni’s are great! Maybe just a solid green stripe down the pants though…

  • Nick

    Here’s the thing, the jerseys do not need the lime green nike patch on the shoulders. It’s unnecessary and there are plenty of ways to include that lime green color within the shoulder area without making it so completely focused on the nike logo. That is the only reason that lime green shoulder patch exists.