Steelheads Launch “Name the Mascot” Contest

Written By:  •  Monday, August 13, 2012

The Ontario Hockey League’s Mississauga Steelheads (formerly the Mississauga St. Michael’s Majors) involved the public’s help when it came time to naming their team, now they’ll involve the public when it comes to naming their new mascot.

There is no design for the new mascot yet, the team is choosing to leave it wide open for fans to come up with a name before seeing what the mascot will look like.  (Although they’ll probably just copy the design for Carlton the Bear, the mascot of the Toronto Maple Leafs.)

Info on how to submit your choice (Carlton!) from the press release:

Fans are asked to send in their best mascot name through the Steelheads Facebook (/SteelheadsOHL) or Twitter (@OHLsteelheads) pages, or by emailing All respondents will be entered into a draw for a chance to win a pair of Season Tickets, allowing them to attend all Steelheads regular season home games. Help us put a name to the face of our new team! Contest closes Friday August 24th, at 5:00pm.

In case you forgot, the Steelheads unveiled their new uniforms last month, which ended up just being a direct copy of the Toronto Maple Leafs uniforms (with Steelheads logos in place of Leafs logos).

When asked by SportsLogos.Net why they went with the straight-up Leafs design the Steelheads said they couldn’t comment on that particular matter…

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  • Scottie

    Why don’t they just go all in and rip off the Leafs’ polar bear mascot too?

    • Chris Creamer


  • Nathan

    Fred Steelhead. there ya go!

  • Aaron

    Steely Dan. And btw, with the Steelheads name, you won’t see a polar bear as a mascot. The D-Backs are the only team I can think of who pulled it off with a bobcat as a mascot.

  • I Think they should name it something classy. Something Toronto. Something we can call get behind:

    They should name it: “Tie Domi!”

  • Dave

    Well, I’m not much up on Canadian Minor League hockey mascots, but Steelheads needn’t be a barrier to using a bear as a mascot,

    But if that’s not enough, just look at the Crimson Tide of Alabama and Auburn Tigers, elephant and eagle as mascots! The Crimson Tide is a bit difficult to make look threatening, granted. 😉

    • Matt

      The Calgary Hitmen’s mascot is a fox so a bear wouldn’t be so far out there

    • JKLAND

      Dave…Auburns “EAGLE” isnt a mascot, its just a gimmick that goes with the Battle Cry of “War Eagle” but Im not sure why they didnt change their mascot and name to the War Eagles when they adopted the battle cry, instead of keeping Tigers as their name. Aubie the Tiger is their actual mascot.

      As for the Steelheads and this article, well if they keep the fish as their logo etc then having a bear or anything other than a fish would be stupid… If not then any mascot even making something up would be okay.

      • Dave

        JK, I know, I was just having some fun with it.

  • SJK

    The Sauga Steelhead


    Oh forgot to add I liked the Steely Dan idea lol or maybe just Steely , since this is about naming the mascot, not changing it.

    • I was overall imreesspd with Nhl 12. The only complaint is the legends feature. For the most part, the designers have done a good job but you cant seriously think that someone like Mike Richards is better than Bobby Hull or Mike Bossy. The whole point of legends is to have legends and no current all stars no matter how good they are.