Virginia Tech Releases a Helmet So Strange, Even the “Youth” Don’t Like It

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Virginia Tech Hokies White Helmet close

Early in the 2012 season, Virginia Tech will host a “White Effect” game, and seeing as they lack a white helmet, they needed one. In the Backsburg area, many vehicles can be seen sporting the “Hokie Tracks.” Now, they can be seen on the side of the Hokie’s white helmet. Even the name, calling them “tracks” is specious, as they are orange with maroon outlines, looking for like the turkey had its feet chopped off, than tracks in the mud.

Our research into reactions to the helmet show lots of articles calling the reaction “mixed” but we feel confident saying it is decidedly negative. Even junior QB Logan Thomas gave his opinion on Twitter about them.

Our whiteout helmets are so ugly – Logan Thomas



Who are we to argue?

Virginia Tech Hokies White Helmet 3 types

All 3 VT Helmets for the 2012 season

They make the grand total of Virginia Tech helmets so far this season, to three. In case you missed it, the Hokies will be wearing camo helmets with white jersey sporting camo numbers later this year.

Unafraid to push the envelope and questionable taste are two different things.

What do you think? Are the severed turkey feet a cool look or a tacky gimmick? Would you like your favorite team to feature one body part from your mascot?

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  • I think they look good, very original

    • Mike

      I think you have got to be kidding.

  • Brian Holloway

    i totally posted about this on here about 40 min ago!

  • Matt Campbell

    Please, it beats the hell out of the camo helmet.

  • BL.

    The hokie foot print one is pretty cool. Very unique.

  • New Order (nuordr)

    Those new white helmets are Fugly! I would rank them as the 2nd worst of all time behind the Rose Bowl Helmets that Oregon wore last year.

  • Jeff Sch

    The Turkey feet is the best helmet of those three. Teams really need to turn away from the dumb “intimidating” concept. No one has ever been intimidated by a teams uniform. No matter if it may be a black uniform and no matter how foggy and back lit they make the promotional photos.

    • Douglas

      Wrong, the traditional helmet (the one in the middle) is much better than the turkey tracks helmets.

  • kurt

    not a fan. first, if they are tracks then shouldn’t one be the mirror image of the other? this turkey appears to have two left feet…or maybe right. whatever.

    my bigger complaint though, the feet don’t really appear as feet to me until closer inspection. i imagine a lot of people watching the “white effect” game and thinking “why are there arrows on their helmets?”

  • Chris Oglesby

    it’s bad but i don’t think bottom 5 of all time.

  • Jed

    Those helmets with the birdlegs on them are just horrific. Whoever thought of that idea should be fired immediately.

  • Def my least favorite helmet.

  • Copycat helmets. Same color/design scheme. We need originality. Worst I think are the U of Delaware Blue Hens helmets are just like the Michigan Wolverines.

    • Keith

      Derek J. Pelton, Delaware and Michigan are actually copying Princeton. Look it up.

      I hate the camo(overused) and the tracks.

  • Michael Jaworski

    Those are awful! Other awful ones are Penn State’s boring blanks, and Alabama’s individualized numbers. Give me a logo any day.

  • Ryan
    this just in the above image is too good to be used this season?!?!

  • Nathan

    They should use the white helmets they had with their 09 Nike Pro Combat Uni’s But these helmets are odd but kinda cool i guess…

  • Francis Von Schober

    Love the Camo Helmet !!!!
    And the white one will be better with an orange outlined marroon “VT” !!

  • ingmar66

    The horror. Stick to the one in the middle and forget about tacky camo (trailer park trash appeal) or the plain ugly chicken feet. Or try an orange helmet if you want to be different.

  • magicmk

    If VT has to feature one signature body part from its mascot on their “whiteout” helmet, shouldn’t it maybe be the (missing) part that makes it a neutered turkey?

  • The maroon helmet is perfect. The other 2 SUCK! Still, the worst helmet I’ve ever seen is either the Maryland state flag thing or Oregon’s mirrors at the Rose Bowl. Or the Jaguars glitter with the teal tongued half asleep Jaguar. Or the amatuer cursive writing “Gators.” GO SEMINOLES!!!

  • Matt

    Love the camo helmets (they scare liberals), but those white helmets look like they were created by a retarded ten-year old. Mr. Hankey?

  • I’d prefer the white helmet that had the standard “VT” insignia on it instead.

  • I’m really loving the theme/design of your site. Do you ever run into any browser compatibility problems? A number of my blog readers have complained about my blog not operating correctly in Explorer but looks great in Safari. Do you have any suggestions to help fix this issue?

  • Lady Hokie

    I am a HUGE Tech fan and I can say, without a doubt, these are the UGLIEST helmets and uniforms!! I thought last year’s “technological” ones were bad — PLEASE — the feet on the helmet?!?! Please Nike — give us back some of our pride and stop trying to turn us into looking like the Oregon DUCKS!