Phillies – Reds to Throwback on Aug. 22

Written By:  •  Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Philadelphia Phillies and Cincinnati Reds will be turning back the clock two decades on August 22nd when both clubs will be wearing uniforms from the 1991 season for their game at Citizens Bank Park.

Philadelphia will be wearing their maroon and white set, 1991 was the last season this uniform was worn regularly, while the Reds should be sporting grey pullovers with elastic waistbands.  A photo of the uniforms these two clubs wore in 1991, and will wear on the 22nd is shown at the top of this article.

Now, there is this somewhat interesting factoid worth noting (at least *I* find it interesting)…

In 1991, the Phillies and Reds turned back to ’57 (above), on 8/22 the Phillies and Reds will turn back to ’91

In 1991, these Reds and Phillies played a Turn Back the Clock game at Veterans Stadium when they wore uniforms from 1957, the first time either team participated in a retro uniform game. Now, here we are 21 years later, these same two teams now turning back the clock to a season in which they had turned back the clock against each other.  Crazy!

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  • …and the Phils 2012 uniform takes its cues from the 1957 design. Too bad the Reds can’t go back to the simple gray vest / red sleeves combo. That looks great.

    • Aaron

      I agree with the gray/white vest and red sleeves combo. Perhaps the Reds could combine their current look with that style. That would look pretty cool. The Phillies should stick with their current style, but their white/crimson uniforms were very unique without going overboard. They can wear these the odd time.

      • I wish the Phils had stuck with maroon when they updated the unis to the current style. Waaay too many teams have gone overboard with red (ahem; Arizona, Texas, Houston, Washington…), they could’ve claimed maroon as their own.

        • Aaron

          Well, if the rumors about the Astros new identity is true, you’ll probably have one less team that wears red in the majors. I like red as a colour, but I do agree, sometimes that and navy blue gets overused. But it also depends where the team is and what they’re called. The Phillies look good now, but I’m wondering also how their current unis would look in burgundy?

  • Brian Castner

    2 of my least favorite teams and looks ever. I’ll skip watching this one.

    • Jim Bohannon

      Brian Caster, why you trolling on this site if these are your two least favorite teams?? GTFO

  • ingmar66

    My favorite allt time Phillies look is the maroon/sky blue combination for away games they wore back in the days. Reminds me of my favourite English soccer team, West Ham United.
    Looking forward to see how accurate the ’91 sets from both teams will be. The 1957 look they wore in ’91 looks terrific, by the way. Reds should wear this vest and undershirt uniform all the time.

    • Jeff

      Ever seen Green Street Hooligans? You talking about West Ham reminded me of that movie, which is a great show by the way.

  • Jed

    I actually liked the 1991 version of those Phillies jerseys myself and wish they could go back to those.

  • I love the Phillies’ jerseys from 1991. That cap insignia is my favorite Phillies logo of all time.

  • Reed

    The sleeveless jersey over an undershirt look is kinda played out. That’s why the Reds have ditched it.