Duke’s New Helmets, One Reversed, the Other Blacked Out.

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Duke Blue Devils New Helmets Black Matte Flat Blue All 3

The Duke Blue Devils showed off their multiple helmet selections, adding a blue and a black to their previous white. The blue is a shiny metallic shell with white logo and stripe, the black is flat, or matte, with glossy logo and stripe.

Duke Blue Devils New Helmets Black Matte Flat Blue monochrome

The black helmet features a matte shell, with gloss stripe, logo, and 8 sticker

In the display helmets, the black appears to be a newer helmet style, while the other two are more standard designs. One imagines this is just a case of random selection of sending shells to the painter, but is worth watching.

Duke Blue Devils New Helmets Black Matte Flat Blue reversed

Duke last had a blue helmet from 1994-2003

The blue will feature a white facemask, and interesting decision, since the white helmets have a grey.

Blue helmets have been donned by Duke players several times in their history, but never with the “Iron Duke D” which first appeared on Duke helmets in 2004.

“I love the job that we’ve done with our headgear. We’ve worn these in practice and good gosh do they look good out there.” – Duke head coach David Cutcliffe

Duke Blue Devils New Helmets Black Matte Flat Blue 8 stickers

Honoring number 8 with rear stickers

All helmets will have #8 sticker on back of helmet, in honor of Duke wide receiver Blair Holliday, critically injured in watercraft accident on July 4th and currently in an Atlanta hospital.

“This has been a difficult thing… You find out what people are all about in the face of this kind of adversity. And I can just say this: we are surrounded by great people.” – Coach Cutcliffe

Duke Blue Devils New Helmets Black Matte Flat Blue 8

The 8 Sticker, honoring Blair Holliday

“I think they’re great… I’m excited to put them on. I’m excited to get the season started so we can try them out and break them in, get some scuffs on them.” – Defensive End Dezmond Johnson

Do you love them, design denizens? Are you crazy about the matte, logo locos? Does the grey, white, and black facemask mis-mosh make you tingle? Are you screaming into your screen that flat black is soooo 2005? Tell us what you think.

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  • As a diehard Duke basketball fan, I wish the teams would quit using black. I don’t even like black as Duke’s uniform trim color. Duke should be blue and white, that’s it. These black helmets are awful. I guess the school is shooting for merchandising money with fans lining up to buy replica helmets 😉

    • Aaron

      I conquer! Duke ought to stick to just plain old blue/white. Usually with a name like Devils, black is appropriate, but they’re called Blue Devils. And that black camoflauge helmet doesn’t even belong. Give me black trim before these helmets.

  • a little confused by the black one. is there a matching jersey and pants to go along with it?

  • ingmar66

    Stick to blue and/or white helmets. It seems like every team wants to look like a bunch of Batmans these days.

  • Blaine Coldiron

    I don’t get this. Is EVERY college in the country trying to be like Oregon – being a fashion plate rather than a football team?

    • Peter Findley

      i’m getting sick of the one thousand and one alternate uniforms every team across all sports use these days, both the college and pro ranks. but they make more money from merchandise sales this way, which is the number one priority for most franchises/universities. and apparently it’s also a recruiting tool now too. one of the criterias some less than intelligent kids that wouldnt be going to college if it weren’t for football use for their decision of what school they go to is how good they look in the uniforms and/or the colors of the school.

      some kids at the army all american game when they announced their decision live on TV were actually quoted as saying things along the lines of ‘i had school A and school B up at the top but i’m going to school B because i’ll look better in their jersey.’ when school A was a a perennial powerhouse that churns out 1st round draft picks like Alabama or LSU and school B was a weak mid major conference school like New Mexico or Kent State.

  • Brian Castner

    I like the blue one. The white one needs to go back to a white or blue facemask. The matte one is awful. I hate this matte trend as much as the cammo trend. But then again at least it’s not a fauxback or retro.

  • Joseph Newell

    notice that “powerhouse” schools dont have alternate helmets and what not. the likes of LSU, Bama, USC, Oklahoma, Texas……..Oregon is the only one that does. It’s the “other” schools that are trying to be pretty.

    I’m being pretty vague here, but maybe you get my point. Not trying to bash anyone. My team is going to have 3-4 helmets as well. I like fashion, but some of this is getting out of hand.

  • BL.

    I am not a fan of the black helmet for Duke. Maybe a alternate helmet logo or something on a blue helmet, like there Devil head logo or pitchfork but the black helmet is out of place to me.

  • William Stohl

    Who started this crappy tradition? New and different helmets. If this keeps up, they’re going to have Mood Helmets: a helmet for every mood and occasion.

  • William Stohl

    Oregon, Maryland, I blame now. Who started this fad?

  • kurt

    the biggest upside of teams coming out with new looks every year is that i get to bitch about them. GET OFF MY LAWN!

  • I’m not sure why the white helmet has a gray facemask. I think it should be either white or royal blue. The blue helmet is my favorite one. The black matte helmet doesn’t do anything for me.

  • David

    The black needs to have either a blue or white outline on the D, the white helmet needs a blue or white face mask because that grey one is fugly!

  • Matt

    Really, Adidas? Black helmets? Yeah, makes a lot of sense. Duke BLUE Devils. So let’s make a black helmet. I’ve come to expect this garbage from Adidas. Or is it Nike? Or Under Armor? I hate them all.