Pics: Seahawks New Road Uni Debuts On-Field

Written By:  •  Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Seattle Seahawks were the NFL team who made the greatest change to their logo and uniform set over this past off-season. Last weekend we got our first on-field look at their home uniforms in action and now after yesterdays game in Denver we have our first in-game pics of the road whites.

Call me crazy, but I like these better than the home blues… could be that the green on white is less jarring, either that or I’m just getting more used to the new uniform.

Pics below, judge for yourself, and don’t forget to vote in our Seahawks new uniform poll – it ends tonight (Sunday) at 11:59pm ET:

Yes, that’s Peyton Manning in a Broncos jersey on the ground

What are your thoughts?

UPDATE (Aug 20/12) Polls are closed and here’s the result, a nice chunk of the voters like the new uniforms (more than I imagined) but the majority just are not fans:

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  • Brian Simpkins

    The white on navy combo kinda feels better than a white on gray combo. Monochrome however looks kinda out of place. Not enough balance of grey with the green on pants stripe.

  • Brian Castner

    The look last night wasn’t too bad. I’d like the home look better if they keep with the gray pants instead of the all blue.

    • Aaron

      Yeah, the monochromatic look doesn’t do it for me either. The home unis would look better with white or pale gray pants. It’s really weird, the shoulder stripes look better on the road uniforms than their homes for some reason. For numbering, definitely cutting edge, but they also look better on the road. Maybe just make them slightly thinner on both, not too much and they’d probably look better.

  • Jimmy Kemp

    Love em both, Nike is the bomb! Always hooking teams up with a fresh look.

    • and hooking up chinese kids with slave labor

  • Ian Wilz

    I’m not a fan of the weird stripe across the top of the jersey (front and back) and shoulder design

  • arena football.

  • Drew

    I like them…don’t LOVE them, but I do like them. They’re weird and interesting without being Notre Dame hideous. Also, it’s the Seahawks, not the Browns/Raiders so trying something new is acceptable.

    Just to mention – in the NFL, the home team (usually) wears a dark jersey with the road team in white (except for the Cowboys and, many times, the Dolphins who opt to wear white at home). So they would be the “home blues” and “road whites”.

  • Douglas Snazel

    arena football

  • Gabriel Serrano

    Go back to expansion era unis…much classier.

  • Aaron

    These look a lot better than the home uniforms.

    • Ryan


  • Troy Griggsby

    Nike sucks.

  • Andrew

    Stick with all white please. Or even the gray pants.

  • like both of the jersey

  • Aaron

    maybe on the home jerseys, do the numbers in white with green and pale gray outline and they’d look better.

  • D.C. Swinton

    I really like the whites, actually. They have grown on me since Nike debuted their NFL arsenal. There is a bit too much happening with the blues. I think taking the neon off the numbers on the blues would do them some justice.

    Meanwhile, I hate the bi-colored collar on the Saints and Ravens white jerseys, while it looks a lot better on the Redskins whites.

    • Aaron

      You’ve got a point about taking the green outline off the numbers of the home jerseys. They seem to look fine on the roads, but the green outline can stay on the striping. The neon green outline wasn’t even used on the last jersey numbers.

  • Aaron

    And another thing, I noticed that the CFL allows teams to wear a road helmet and a home helmet. I’m not saying every team do it, but in the Seahawks situation, the NFL should make an exception. They did try this when they first changed their uniforms.

  • i like the all white

  • Russell is the man

  • I like the road whites more than I like the home navy blues.

  • ingmar66

    Road white shirt definetely looks better than the blue home shirt, but it is still a horrible uniform design. People call this progress? I call it 1980’s/90’s semi-futuristic gaudiness. Zubazz pants and mullets. Short shorts and tanktops. Only handball teams and weightlifters from former parts of the Soviet Union can get away with this look. There are some big team sports haters currently employed at the Nike design department and they are rolling on the floor with laughter after forcing this kind of utter ugliness on mankind.

  • Wayne

    Im fine with the look. Honestly all the nfl should get rid of white on white uni’s it’s hideous. Nobody is that clean. I’d say different if the leagues teams all played on real grass and got dirty. Just no White on white please!

  • 3243

    If the Seahawks had returned to silver helmets, had ONLY silver pants for both the home navy and road white jerseys, and got rid of the bar across the shoulders of both jerseys, their uniforms would be sharp.