College Uniforms and Logos Reach a Frenzied Pace. Welcome to the Grab Bag, College Edition.

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  • Maryland

Maryland, often referred to as the Oregon of the East for their wild uniform combinations, has done it again with another new edition for 2012. They went back to something (shock) traditional for the school, with a red jersey and white pants. But of course they went and Maryland-ed them up with black and yellow checkered piping, and the helmet, oh the helmet. Apparently the Rook/Pawn half and half look will return for a game or two, but now Maryland has a flag-inspired helmet that takes the flag and stretch/wraps it across the side. It actually looks like speed and energy. Best of all it fits on the side of the helmet and shows the whole visualization of the flag. Distinctive but well done, we say.

Maryland terrapins 2012 new uniforms

Maryland terrapins 2012 new uniforms

  • Kentucky

Oh, how the mediocre have fallen. OK, that’s not fair; Kentucky‘s team performance has nothing to do with their uniforms- traditionally a gorgeously simple blue and white. Now, the athletic department and head coach Joker Phillips have destroyed what used to be right about the Wildcats and have added black jerseys and pants for no discernible reason, save for the lousy scapegoat excuse of “for the kids.” More mix-and-match selections available on the Kentucky Facebook Page 

kentucky wildcats new uniform selections

Kentucky Wildcats New Uniform Selections

  • Ferris State

Alas, it is too late to Save Ferris from matte helmets. In order to clash as much as possible with their new shiny red jerseys, the Bulldogs have been saddled with matte “red” helmets, that by all accords, look pink with the matte finish. The uniforms are nice, however, with sharp colors, TWO total jerseys like a real team should, and clean, simple striping.

ferris bulldogs new uniforms

Ferris Bulldogs New Uniforms by Nike

  • San Francisco

Your humble author admits he didn’t even know this school existed before this story crossed his desk. Apparently, there is a school named the University of San Francisco. Even they admit that their previous identity, which used “USF,” wasn’t distinctive enough and was often confused with University of South Florida. The color palate couldn’t have helped. Their new identity and logo set is using a spelled out San Francisco and their mascot, “Dons.”

University of San Francisco Dons new logo

University of San Francisco Dons new logo



Thanks for tuning in to the Grab Bag. What do you think? Mad at Kentucky for adding black? Hate the sherbert helmets for Ferris? Irritated that I didn’t know the U of SanFran? Pissed at Maryland of continuing to dishonor the state flag?

Or, are you happy about some of this news? Speaking of happy, how do you like the smaller updates being grouped like this?

Also, what’s your favorite deciduous tree?

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  • Mr. Fights

    USF (San Francisco) is a teeny-tiny Catholic school in the middle of SF that has a once-great sports program (Bill Russel attended), but now there’s not even a football program and the basketball team plays in a glorified high school gym. The baseball program is great, though, and has been for a long, long time.

  • wow. take note everybody, black pants look really horrible if neither the jersey nor helmet match them.

  • KDub

    The Kentucky black uni’s blow. I really like the traditional white w/ blue inserts though. Why keep forcing black as an alternate color??

    I kinda dig the Maryland uni’s – not quite so “in your face” as some of the previous versions.

    The USF Dons logo is booooooring. It looks like some kid was playing with a paint program. A drop shadow was the best they could come up with? Probably paid dearly to have that done too.

    The Ferris State stuff just screams, “Do you want fries with that?”

  • Brian Castner

    That matte helmet looks awful. I can’t wait for this trend to stop.

  • Brad

    The black is now out of control!!! The Kentucky Unis are a great example…throwing in black for the sake of throwing in black. I don’t mind the matte helmets but the Ferris ones do look pink.

    P.S. I do love me a good Oak Tree every now and then.

  • Dude

    University of San Francisco won a couple of National Championships back in the 1950s, but in Basketball. They play in the West Coast Conference (WCC), against schools such as Gonzaga and St. Mary’s.

    Maryland’s helmets look like they belong in NASCAR, and Kentucky’s black pants and jersey look like they belong on the Mets back in 1996. SMH.

  • ingmar66

    The Dons! Bill Russell! They had a logo with a sword that looked just fine, this logo is sad and unimaginative. Maryland’s helmet is beyond salvation (their uniforms look allright this time), Kentucky is a fine example of leaving black alone if it is not in your school colours (and I do not like the checkered sleeves), Ferris State is straight out of High School Musical with the pink helmets and the tiny lettering above the numbers. What a disgrace. But wait, is the USF logo in the top picture also part of the new Dons identity? I like that one, but it could use some sort of outline or shadow.

  • Ryan

    I would like to see Kentucky put a very faint checkerboard pattern on the helmets. Barely noticeable. Or maybe just make a faint checkerboard pattern on the white stripe and logo only.

  • Joseph Newell

    Kentucky wore black uniforms before this year…..they have worn all black vs Mississippi State last year with the white helmet.

    They have not worn white on black though, as the pic suggests. I hope that they will not do that.

  • I like San Francisco’s new logo. Also, I hope that Kentucky’s blue helmets get the most use. I like that one more than I like the white one.