New York Knicks New Uniforms Leaked

Written By:  •  Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Another day, another video game leak?

Just hours after NHL13 gave everyone a look at the new Hershey Bears logo, it appears as if NBA2K13 one-upped their rivals at EASports by giving us a nice view of the new New York Knicks uniforms for 2012-13.

The leaked images were first posted on ProSportsDaily from a YouTube preview video which was quickly pulled off the site.

The big change with this new set is that for the first time since 1997 the Knicks will not have any black on their home or road uniforms, side stripes have been removed creating a cleaner look.

Silver has been introduced into the uniforms, as a middle stripe around the collar and around the arms.

Comparing the Knicks home jersey from last year to this, new uni image courtesy CCSLC member “Conrad”

Above the player name on the back is the Knicks new alternate logo, which was brought back into their logo package before last season. This logo is based off of the old Knicks alternate logo used originally in the 1970s.  This logo replaces the previous logo, the so-called “subway token logo” which was a “NYK” in black on an orange circle.  It had been on the back of the jersey since 2002.

This new set is based mostly off of what the team wore off-and-on from 1968 through 1997 with a few small changes, most notably the previously mentioned silver in place of white in the collar striping.

Comparing the Knicks road jersey from last year to this, new uni image courtesy CCSLC member “Conrad”

The New York Knicks had made changes to their logo set prior to the 2011-12 season eliminating black although the uniform had remained the same.

Special thanks to Tim for emailing the news tip to us and Chris Creamer’s Sports Logos Community member Conrad for the 2012-13 uniform mockups, if you have a new logo or uniform news tip please give us a shout! Email or send a Tweet to @sportslogosnet

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  • Jimmy

    I like em, nice they removed the black, to bad the uniform will be trashed in 2013-14 with an ad placed above the heart. Tradition will be tossed out the window.

    • Tony A. Mannero

      Umm, I’m sorry…maybe I’m a bit color blind but what’s with the washed out orange that is almost YELLOW in color!? These unis look like those of the Nuggets! Derr! Well, at least ‘melo will feel right at home with these colors! lol

  • Jimmy Kemp

    Like the change, to bad in 2013-14 the uniform will be trashed with an ad on it, tradition will be out the window. They my as well may the jersey pink.

  • **Correction** The NYK logo is the “subway token” logo. Was based off the old tokens which had the Y in the center cut out.

    Glad they ditched the black but not having the arm stripes go all the way around is dumb.

  • How are you not going to credit me for doing the 2012-13 mock-ups, Chris? C’mon!

    • Chris Creamer

      I didn’t know they were your mockups, I thought buddy on PSD made them… I’ll fix the caption now

      • cheers, Chris. i’m sure this “buddy” fellow just stole them from the CCSLC thread to claim as his.

  • Aaron

    These Knicks uniforms look sharp, even though they seemed to make black work on their last unis, unlike the other New York teams.

  • I really like these, nice way of making a throwback mesh in with a modern uniform.

  • As a lifelong Knicks fan, I’d say the best look possible would be the 92-97 look for home and road. At least they got they black out.

  • Nathan

    I like the new ones better! They’re nice.

  • I love the removal of black and I hope this is a trend that continues in pro and college sports ranks. Glad someone finally got the memo that the late ’90s are over!

  • Andrew

    Not bad, but not a fan of the new alternate logo on the back. The “subway token logo” was much better.

  • Angel Betances

    I gotta go buy another Anthony jersey now. They are cool looking, but you know it sucks explaining to your spouse the reason we must spend between $80-$225 on a jersey you kinda already have just slightly altered. Oh well… atleast our jersey will have the updated Knicks grey logo.

  • Dylan

    The ones they had before look better… if these are even legit.

  • I think this is one instance where removing the black didn’t work. The Knicks’ new uniforms look good, but I think black made them and their logo template pop. Silver with those colors instead of black doesn’t do anything for me. Black held everything together unlike the Mets’ gear prior to this year.

    • thomas

      agree…..I liked the black too….great contrast color

  • Romello Aviles

    A alternate in a flint grey/silver with blue white and orange assets should be created other wise I like the new look its different. And the Brooklyn nets won’t b the only team in New York showing a new look

  • Taylor
    • SomeGuy32

      That Brooklyn uni is not real – its from a fan made video from NBA2K12 (joe johnson #23?)

    • SomeGuy32
      • Taylor

        Thanks. I had my doubts, but said it was the same unis he saw last year.

  • James

    I like the black on the knicks. it worked because t wasn’t in your face and only used in ONE uniform (away). I really loved the NYC Token, I hate that its taken away. Hopefully this isn’t real.

  • P34

    I’m liking the direction (retreat) they’ve taken with these. Looking forward to seeing them on the players.

  • ingmar66

    I miss the token. The ball alternate logo is nice and retro, but the token was uniquely NYC. Getting rid of the black is cool, but why the silver? Keep it orange, blue and white! Also the semi circles around the arms are so…that’s it, so adidas.

  • Crow

    Not too keen on the so called “new look” for the Knicks. But what can you do about now? The style of the uniform is what I’d expect from an inaugural team.

    Anyway, I guess this means Oklahoma City will need to tweak their road uniforms for 2013-14 next season. 😉

  • Jimmy

    Weak the gray comes up again..the wosrt color being used in sports why do these designers like it so much it sux!

  • Alan

    Not a fan. Why don’t the shoulder stripes go all the way around? They are half arcs like a football uniform. Replacing black with silver doesn’t work. The ONE big miss was the name plate lettering on the back. I was really hoping they would have gone back to the letters used during the Frazier/Reed championship years. Riley brought this lettering with him during the 90s.

    • Chris

      I agree, I too was wishing they brought back that old-school lettering Ewing wore his first few seasons in the league, that same Frazier/Reed text. It was distinctive to the Knicks. It was classic. Now the Knicks use that same generic block text that most teams in the league use, which was first ushered in the Riley era. Lame.

      I also wished they brought back the NY symbol on the shorts. Classic as well. The logo on the shorts is lame.

      I just feel like there is nothing distinctive on this uniform that represents the vibe of New York. I like the semi-retro look of them, but for some reason, they just come off generic, like they are some middle-of-the-road team. I think it’s that small jumbled New York font on the front, it looks cartoonish. Should have stuck with the old New York script.

  • a.u.t.o.

    seems like they did this only to match da logo in da middle of da court i always thought it was kinda old school give us a gray alternate w/ blue text n an orange n white outline

  • Niggabockers

    They should have a alt. Grey jersey that says Knickerbockers on the front with the orange numbers with blue outline and blue and orange around the arms