Oregon Does What Oregon Does Best and Announces New Jerseys… Except, They Aren’t New

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Oregon Ducks 2012 New Uniforms - Dark Green Neck

With bated breath, the sports uniform world expands to perhaps its largest on the eve of an Oregon Duck uniform release. People otherwise not interested will tune in to see what wild and wacky stuff the playground of Nike will sport in their next year’s matches.

Today was such a day, as the Ducks promised to show their 2012 uniform sets. The time came and the artsy, closeup photos from the Nike studios, lit and posed so that one might think this was the latest Gucci release.

The problem is… they aren’t different. Or all that wacky. In a college football uniforming landscape that is overrun with Oregon imitators, goofy color combo wannbes, and the addition of black, matte, aranthacite (whatever that is) and textures… Oregon turned the whole universe on its head and…

Didn’t change anything.

Now, to be clear, the jersey technology has changed (we will discuss later,) and the white and yellow versions were shown, but check out this photo from the promotional materials for the Rose Bowl from last year:

Oregon Ducks 2012 New Uniforms - Rose

Look familiar?

Released today was the same uniform worn on the 2nd of January. Aren’t you glad you got so excited about the release today?

Also shown were the yellow and white versions.

Oregon Ducks 2012 New Uniforms - Yellow Black wings

Black wings on the yellow jersey. Interesting to note the Carbon Fiber on the facemask.

Here you can see the mesh again, under the arms. The black wings almost appear to be a patterned fabric sewn in to the shoulder pieces. Helmet designs weren’t exactly featured, so there aren’t many details, but here you can see the carbon fiber pattern on the facemask. Very few items actually made of carbon fiber, many are faked.

Oregon Ducks 2012 New Uniforms - White Set

White on White. Note the mesh ventilation from the pits to the shoulder, then across.

The white set actually seems, if you can believe it, tame. While one assumes the wings are present, they aren’t seen here. What is, however, is the ventilation pieces, which Nike has needlessly gothed up with the name “Chain Maille Mesh” which does little to describe it. Mesh, sure.

All that was left were additional art shots and some detail.

Oregon Ducks 2012 New Uniforms - Dark Green shoulders

Dark, shiny, presumably sticky wings

Posted on twitter by various folks (and hard to be certain who was the original source) was a photo from the Ducks Bookstore

Oregon Ducks 2012 New Uniforms - Store Replicas

Photo taken in the Ducks bookstore.

The Nike promotional materials seemed to show a black jersey, though only right at belt level, so the design was not visible enough to be judged. If the wings actually end up being as white-grey on the field as in this photo, it will be the “wildest” look of a tame bunch.

Again, for your reference, the Ducks will look this season, largely like they did at the Rose Bowl last year.

Oregon Ducks 2012 New Uniforms - Rose Bowl

January 2012 Rose Bowl

The phrase, “well, its not as bad as Oregon” will need to be retired if this is as crazy as they get. It remains to be seen how many different helmet finish iterations they will end up wearing each week. As always, stay tuned here where we will keep you up to date!

How do you like the Oregon look? Do you agree it is tame, for the team that has spent years on the bleeding edge? Are Notre Dame fans disappointed today, that the Ducks didn’t bail them out and they still have the ugliest uniform in college football for 2012?



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  • ..this team really innovates with their uniforms.
    Personally I really like carbon fiber on the mask and helmet, that’s wicked.

  • Nathan

    I like the uniforms. I also like the wacky kind but these ones are nice.

  • Bryan

    these are really nice and this is coming from an ohio state fan. i think the helmet is sick that it is the best helmet in football right now.

  • Randall Flagg

    These are awful. Who cares if they’re new, the design is terrible, the colors are garish, the wings are gimmicky. Why people think Oregon looks “cool” is beyond me, they look like typical Nike trash. And that’s much more of an insult to Nike, who’s “innovations” suck, and designs are even worse. than to Oregon who could look quite good if they ditched Nike designs.

    • Matt Hanel

      Uh oh, another scorn fan whose school switched to Adidas or Under Armour. I’ve seen Maryland’s and Notre Dame’s “special” unis. Oh yea, Michigan’s bumble bee edition, those are sweet…If your blind!

  • lady gaga likes what the ducks wear.

  • Aaron

    Dark numbers on dark jersey? Why?

  • SplashBoogie

    I think Oregon is the one school that has earned the right to get weird with their uniforms. That said even though these unis are good it’s kinda sad to see their so relatively…normal.

    Man that’s weird.

  • Jed

    These have to be, next to Maryland’s, the worst uniforms of the bunch in college football. How people can spend money on this junk is beyond comprehension.

  • ingmar66

    Everybody is apparently into this street fight/ carnival look for football. Leave that to Pro Wrestlers. Notre Dame’s one game only uniform are the worst of the bunch, these Oregon threads look quite nice compared to ND and all those other ugly adidas/ Nike/ Under Armour/Russell uniforms in college football.

  • Douglas

    Oregon wore their new design (worn from 2009 to 2011) in their blackout game against Arizona in 2008. This is nothing new, and its no big deal that they have already worn the certain design, I’m surprised at how many people wrote about the fact that they wore a uniform design they’ve already worn when they have done that for several designs over the past 13 years.