Philadelphia Eagles Bring Back Black Jersey

Written By:  •  Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Philadelphia Eagles will be back in black for 2012.

According to Philadelphia Eagles beat writer Tim McManus, the Eagles will not wear their throwback uniform as their alternate in the upcoming 2012 season, instead they will be bringing back their black alternate, not seen since 2010.

From McManus’s blog:

There won’t be any throwbacks this season. However, the black alternate jerseys are back in the rotation. Expect to see them at least once this year.

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  • Troy Griggsby

    Ugh, black alts should be locked away in a closet forever.

    • Rick Thiemke

      So Troy you liked those powder blue/yellow uniforms instead? I don’t see anything wrong with the black as a alternative jersey, I wouldn’t want to see them in that all the time though.

      • Steve

        The throw back uniforms in question were the ones from 1950 I believe, the kelly green and silver ones. Those are infinitely better than either the powder blue and yellow “Yellowjackets” throw backs OR the “urban-friendly” black alternates.

        • Chris Creamer

          Steve is correct, these are replacing the kelly green throwbacks, not the blue/yellow mess

  • Agreed… booooo. Right, Danny Rivera?

  • Jimmy Kemp

    I liked the Eagles throwbacks. My Lions should bring back the black jerseys, their throwbacks are way to boring.

    • Rick Thiemke

      Jimmy I love the Lions throwback. Honolulu Blue and Silver with no logo, it’s a classic. And the Lions are my team as well. Besides they were wearing those uniforms when we won all those NFL Championships in the 50s.

    • Aaron

      No, the black jerseys although the Lions didn’t look too bad in them will remind too many fans of the Millen era. I don’t mind them keeping black as an accent outline colour. But as mentioned before, change the helmet facemask colour to blue because they look too much like the Carolina Panthers.

  • Mike Rearick


  • UGH. Please kill those things!

  • Brian Castner

    I hate anything fauxback or retro so this is a major upgrade for me. Then again anything Beagle related is awful.

  • Dan Becker

    Yes, they are great uniforms!!!

  • Aaron

    The jerseys themselves don’t look bad, but black is not part of their colour scheme. Please use a throwback as a third jersey. Unless black is supposed to be part of the scheme, don’t throw in a black jersey. Many teams are phasing out black.

  • Andrew

    YES!!! Love these uniforms!

  • Ed

    The Eagles ‘Midnight Green’ jerseys always had a washed out look about them. Maybe if they had silver pants they might look ok. Good move by the Eagles to go with the black unis even if it’s only for a game or two.

  • That’s my favorite Eagles jersey. I’m glad they made black an official color in the mid-’90s.

  • 3243

    The Eagles’ black jerseys have gotta go. Instead I’d bring back the 1980 throwback unis, or the ones from 1966. Even the 1972 home unis with the white helmets with green wings.




  • Matt

    If nothing else, gang bangers will love this crap.

  • Matthew S.

    I wish they’d just get rid of their current mess of a color scheme. It’s appalling.

  • Booo!!! That sucks!

  • ingmar66

    Mmm, just as everybody is getting rid of black they bring it back. I like that in a way. Suits the stubborn Eagles and their longsuffering fans. If there is one team that can wear it as an alternate, it’s the Eagles. This is not a bad uniform. But the real teams in black will always be the Raiders and the Steelers. And the Bengals, come to think of it.

    • Aaron

      How about the Carolina Panthers? They seem to use their blue uniforms as their alternates only. The Ravens can get away with black alternates very easily. To a degree, so can the Jaguars although I think it’s silly that they’re making their teal uniforms their alternates next year so I heard. You’re also forgetting about another team known for wearing black, the Saints. Even though in the CFL, you should give an honorable mention to the Ti-Cats and I guess whatever team Ottawa gets.

  • Crow

    When I think about the Eagles, an all black jeresy doesn’t fit into their traditional look. I guess they figure it will sell jerseys.

  • At least its not baby blue and yellow

  • Tim M

    Unless you play for the Raiders you should never have a black jersey

    • Aaron

      Any team besides the Raiders can look great wearing a black jersey if they wear it properly. However there are certain teams who shouldn’t really use black unless it’s part of their colour scheme. I think we’ve discussed some of those teams before. But here are some NFL/CFL teams who have or do wear black jerseys from time to time and they don’t look right.

      Saskatchewan Rough Riders
      Detroit Lions
      Philadelphia Eagles
      Arizona Cardinals
      Calgary Stampeders