UPDATE – Georgia Tech Joins the Ranks of Those Abandoning Tradition – Has a White Honeycomb Alt Helmet

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Tech Quarterback  Synjyn Days tweeted today with a photo of a new alt helmet for Georgia Tech. His message: “New helmets … Lets Get It 9/3.” The tweet has since been deleted, surely the results of a hand-slap from the administration.

“We do have a second helmet that we have to wear a few times in practice in case we want to wear it during the season,”

-Dean Buchan, Assistant Director of Athletics – Media Relations

This validates our earlier report that the Yellow Jackets would be sporting a new uniform for the Virginia Tech game.

In the Instagrammed photo, the honeycomb looks almost grey, though one assumes, hopes, nay: PRAYS that the paint is a gold color.

What do you think? Further down the slippery slope of ugliness, or a trashing of a team steeped in tradition? Those really seem, to this author, the only two choices.

UPDATE – The badasses at HGI posted this photo a few hours ago.

Georgia Tech new helmet honeycomb new uniforms white helmet yellow jackets HGI

Gold lines

In a reply to this picture on their Facebook page, they say this is “just a concept” but its hard not to think they might be responsible for the actual production of the helmets and have been asked to keep quiet. If this is an actual Tech helmet, all we can say is… Thank goodness the lines are gold instead of grey or silver.



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  • Horrible one ! Just like a Golf Ball

  • Matt Marczel

    The honey comb pattern on white makes it look almost like a golf ball.

  • yh

    “Chicken wire?” – Lou Marini

  • Jeff

    The only problem with this is that Yellow Jackets don’t make honeycombs! As a GT alum, I applaud the effort for something new. The only saving grace is if they saw it’s a wing pattern

    • C. Willis

      No yellow jackets don’t make honeycombs. That’s an error on the writer’s part though. This is intended to represent a yellow jacket nest. Which is formed from hexagons just like this.

  • Brian Castner

    It would’ve looked better in gold but at least from this picture it doesn’t look like the jumped on that horrible matte trend. They get points for that at least.

  • After listening to the GT beat writer on local sports talk radio, the helmet will have the ‘GT’ decal on them when they are worn.

  • Kyle Elgarten

    thats a golf ball

  • Splash*Boogie

    Make the honeycomb gold on gold, toss the black GT on it and that helmet will be *shades* golden.

    • Douglas

      Black belongs nowhere on a Georgia Tech uniform, haven’t used that in football since the 80s, and Navy was made the official accent color for all sports (ending the use of Black in all other sports) in the mid-2000s.

      Make it the standard GT logo (white with Navy outline) and it would be golden.

  • Kevin

    Im suing Georgia Tech. Last week I told everyone that I was going to make a concept for our high school football team with honeycomb helmets. I’m not joking I am suing GT

    • Douglas

      Yeah these are older than a week old, its only now that the design is being shown off on the real thing. I guarantee you this was part of the package presented with the new uniforms months ago.

  • Zack Paps

    This is just getting ridiculous.

  • D.C. Swinton

    This isn’t terrible, but it doesn’t make too much sense. Of course, “sense” was thrown out the window with the Norte Dame jerseys…

  • Jed

    What a horrible design for a helmet.

  • C. Willis

    You can tell it’s football season. All the curmudgeons are out complaining about helmet designs.

  • Nathan

    Honeycomb with gold and darker lines would be cool. Not white!

  • Matt


  • will

    listen, i go to tech and its pretty sad when your “brand new” uniforms the past few years have been App. State knockoffs. we have to deal with Russell athletic, remember. everyone has been wanting something new and creative, but once something finally gets put out all the naysayers pitch a fit. its for one game, its creative. Im for going back to the traditional uniforms we had in the Gailey years, but I’m also for something innovative that will excite the players and get recruits attention.

  • William Stohl

    I hope this madness stops.

  • Nathan

    Make the helmet gold and the “honeycombs” navy and the stripe navy or white

  • HGI ( Hydro Graphics, Inc. )

  • Lindsay Resnick

    As a Georgia Tech student, I disapprove, even though I love white helmets. But I also always hate our unis, I hope this year they aren’t so “arena football-ish.” I wish it was how the old GT helmets were: white with a navy-gold-navy stripe and gold GT decal

  • Douglas

    The post should be updated to mention that there will be a GT logo on this thing (and hopefully Navy Stripes, effectively making this the late 1960s/early 1970s helmet with a comb pattern applied to it).

    As a Tech fan I have absolutely no issue with these, as long as they are limited to twice a season at most. If they are used for the VT game I imagine they will also be worn in the whiteout game later this season, preferably they’d be limited to the whiteout game only moving forward.

    • JR Francis

      Douglas, do you have any source on the idea that there will be a logo and additional striping? I havent seen anything referring to that. I’d love to update this appropriately.

  • ingmar66

    Reminds me of EPCOT or those Buckminster Fuller domes from the sixties. This is a very wrong design indeed.

  • Aaron

    Kind of reminds me a little bit of the Ontario Place Cinesphere. Would definitely look better in gold with black lines!

  • I really like this idea. It is really wise to use a honeycomb design in reference to Georgia Tech’s athletic nickname.

  • At this time I am ready to do my breakfast, after having my breakfast coming yet again to read further news.