Hershey Bears Honour Past With New Logos, Uniforms

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We had a peek followed by a leak, and last night we finally got to see the whole package as the Hershey Bears unveiled their new logos and uniforms in front of season ticket holders at the Giant Center.

The new Hershey Bears primary logo

Intended to “honour the past” as the club enters their 75th anniversary season, the new Bears logo package has a distinct retro feel to it yet still includes modern design elements, an excellent blend of old-and-new.

New alternate logos: Jersey shoulder patch on left, alternate jersey logo on right

All the logos were designed by The Joe Bosack Graphic Design Company — Joe, who was at the event last night, said the Bears had a “good idea” of what they wanted when they approached him to design the new look, adding that the logos were created with the intention to be respectful of the roots of the organization yet still function for modern-day applications and merchandise.

“The Hershey Bears have a legacy, it is one that has lasted 74 years, and one that will be well-represented for a long time to come.  The new Hershey Bears logo represents that legacy.  We return to our identity with the Chocolate and White colours, and blend a modern look into an historic icon.” – Hershey Bears President and GM Doug Yingst

The walking bear on the primary logo is modelled after the original bear worn on the inaugural season Bears jerseys from 1936-37:

Original bear from 1937 Bears uniforms

Three uniforms were introduced at the unveiling, home whites, road chocolates, and an alternate white jersey.  As we learned last week all three jerseys include piping around the shoulders Carolina Hurricanes style, the home and roads extend their piping down each side of the jersey and have a patch of colour under each underarm.

Bears alumni Dave Parro and Frederic Cassivi model the new road and home Hershey Bears jerseys

On the left shoulder is the new “Bear Paw” alternate logo, which includes a splash of red – not seen anywhere else on the uniform.  The 75th anniversary logo is on the right shoulder although I was told this will unfortunately likely be replaced with a Washington Capitals logo for the 2013-14 season.

New Hershey Bears alternate jersey in white worn by alumni Mitch Lamoureux, new road jersey behind

Lace-up collars are present on all three, from what was shown last night white laces will be used with the alternate and road jerseys while the home uniform will use cream-coloured laces.

That “chocolate brown” colour used as the base colour for the road jersey is actually PANTONE Black 5, a unique colour in the sports world according to sports team colour expert Donovan Moore of ColorWerx.us

Close-up of the road jersey, note the almost black colour of the “Chocolate Brown” base

The crowd of 3500 Bears fans cheered loudly when the video presentation announced the return of their “real colours” – chocolate and white.  Clearly these fans were craving a change back to something more traditional after several seasons of more modern designs which had ignored the roots of the organization.  After the NHL13 leak last week the club had received a lot of positive feedback from their fans.

Current Hershey Bears goaltender Dany Sabourin was also on hand for the unveiling and offered his thoughts on the new look, “I like it a lot, it’s simple and nice, good colours.  Always special for the players to be a part of an anniversary season like this.”

The alternate logo worn as a shoulder patch on all three team jerseys

The logos and uniforms weren’t the only changes the Bears were unveiling to their fans, “Coco” the team mascot has lost some considerable weight in the off-season and made his new skinny debut during the event also giving us uniform fans a look at the full head-to-toe uniform including pants and sock designs.  Thanks Coco!

Coco the Mascot shows off his new slim figure as well as the Bears new pants and socks

Alright, let’s get to some detailed shots of the new uniforms as well as the other sights from last nights event… information about special jersey games and merchandise after the photos:

The white side piping and underarm on the home chocolate brown jersey

Basic block font for home and roads, this may change to a custom font before season begins

The new alternate jersey

The name and number font style for the alternate jersey, additional red trim on this jersey only

The 75th anniversary patch on the shoulder of all three jerseys

Coco shows off the brown underarm colouring on the home white jersey

Patch on the new pants, base brown colour does not match, team may wear shells over pants to better match jerseys

The 75th Anniversary logo at centre ice, note the diamond pattern on the red line to symbolize the diamond anniversary

Hershey Bears announcer Scott Stuccio introduces the new uniforms

Designer Joe Bosack addresses the media after the unveiling of the new logos

Special jersey dates were also announced but designs were not, the team will be wearing special 75th anniversary jerseys for their opening game on October 20th, Breast Cancer awareness jerseys in November, and St. Patricks Day jerseys on March 17th.  Bears alumni will be wearing jerseys modelled after their look from the 1940s on January 19th before the 2013 AHL Outdoor Classic at Hersheypark Stadium.

New logo merchandise is available now in-person at the Giant Center (although it seemed to be selling fast as I couldn’t get my hands on any of it), jerseys are not yet on sale but will be in the coming weeks.

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  • Ryan Martin

    “Demonized” font for the alternate is the only part I don’t like. Everything else looks fantastic!

    • Blake Morgan

      I completely agree!

  • Tyler Ten Eyck

    chris creamer you are beast

  • Michael Link

    It’s like the Bruins logo made out a little bit with the Oilers logo.

  • Michael Link

    (Coming from a life-long Bears fan, it is better than their last logo but I will miss the Thirds from the past few years.)

  • Love Love Love this set, can’t wait to get myt hands on some merch! Great colour scheme and a really smart and simple design. Thanks for all the detail shots!

  • Troy Griggsby

    The piping and underarm swatch is awful but otherwise very nice.

    • pautna

      Agreed. Also, love the alternate jersey with the bear logo on the front. Looks awesome.

  • Mary Phiroz

    Was it made outta chocolate? Well it was the HERSHEY Bear uniform.

  • Great look, I like the more brown than maroon looks more like chocolate since its chocolate town USA

  • Aaron

    The underarm patches are unnecessary. Otherwise, great looking uniforms. Even the thirds, although I do wish the thirds had either Hershey or Bears going down the jersey ala New York Rangers.

  • Ryne LeCompte

    Cant wait to go to hershey for thanksgiving and stay at the hershey lodge and visit the bears den bar and pick up one of these!

  • Love the color scheme, two tone brown and tan, they really work well together. The stroke of red is a nice touch, but wish it was carried away to all logos. Like the style of the logo, little retro feel, gives a touch of tradition, but looks modern and strong. Will last more then a decade. As for the bear, the back of the bear looks more like a back of the silverback. Piping on the jersey is too much. All together 8/10. One of the better rebrands this year.

  • Mike

    OMG that 3rd is a thing of beauty. I want one so bad now.

  • Marc

    I love the new look as well, since their previous logo was embarrassing for such a proud franchise like the Bears. I would have liked to see a scripted Hershey logo on the jersey somewhere; if you are intending to pay homage to your past, then why not go the full 9 yards and recreate a uniform that is close enough to the originals. There are not too many other minor league hockey teams (or baseball to be precise) that have been playing for 75 years. Recreate a classic looking jersey with the Hershey script and I will purchase one to add my collection!

  • pretty damned nice. i think they’d be a little bit nicer sans side piping, but overall they look really good. great work, mr bosack!

  • Chris Oglesby

    so they have a faux-back type of logo and striping combined with ultra modern piping and number/letters. way to ruin what could have been a good look.

  • Jake

    That alternate looks beautiful!

  • Joe Bosack

    Man, the lights in that room make it look like I’m going bald – I’m not going bald. (not that there’s anything wrong with that…)

  • KDub

    Congrats to the Bears for thinking outside the box and keeping with tradition and history. Very classy looking logos & unis. Going back to the original chocolate brown and white colors is a great move too. Not every team needs to have friggin’ BLACK in their color scheme! Now if we can just get the SD Padres to go back to their original colors…

  • ingmar66

    Great design. So good that I do not mind the underarm patches and the soccer style piping on the shirts. The colours, the logos (very good paw and the primary bear on a puck with a stick is excellent), the fantastic alternate jersey this redesign is, really an instant classic. Padres, are you watching? Brown is beautiful!

  • Jed

    Very nice set of jerseys and the logos looks sharp.

  • Matt Marczel

    I absolutely love everything about the new designs. All the new marks, and all the jerseys are just simply flipping beautiful. Perfect in every way and an instant classic IMO. This is definately now one of my all time favorite brand package in all of hockey. They couldn’t have executed this rebranding any more perfectly, they deserve a standing ovation. I’m definately going to make sure I buy each of those new Bears jerseys.

  • Brian Castner

    Not a fan but it’s Hershey so I’d hate it no matter what it looked like. Drop the awful shoulder, chest, underarm garbage and it would look much better. The numbers on that white alt sweater will be a blast to see from more than a foot away as well…

  • Aaron

    One problem with their thirds, the white numbers would look better if it were against the brown colour. Especially for visual purposes. The piping on the shoulders although unnecessary, don’t look bad at all.

  • Vil

    Leave it to hideous Reebok piping to ruin an otherwise fantastic new look. Is it too late to get rid of that ugly, pointless side piping? Other than that, I really like all of the new logos, with the exception of the 75th Anniversary patch, which is simply uninspired and bland. It makes it seem like the anniversary is an afterthought, with little effort put into commemorating it.

    • ingmar66

      24 hours after the initial euphoria and I agree with the blandness of the 75 years logo and, yes, it is true, the awfulness of the piping. Reebok is owned by adidas and the trefoil people have a thing about piping, as they put it on virtually every jersey (does not matter which sport) that they can put their hands on. The third jersey, without the piping, is therefore the best one of the three, but overall the redesign is still very very good.

  • Aaron

    I’d say just keep the piping on the shoulders. Everywhere else, get rid of it.

  • Joe G.

    Finally, the bears don’t look like a 10 year old franchise. The new logo and colors really take back the historic aspect, and I love it. My only quarrel is that I wish the bear looked less modern on the old style logo. It is definitely a massive improvement over the old logo.

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