2013 NHL Winter Classic Logo Unveiled

Written By:  •  Friday, August 31, 2012

The Detroit Red Wings today unveiled the logo for the upcoming 2013 NHL Winter Classic, taking place between the Red Wings and Toronto Maple Leafs at Michigan Stadium.

Featuring a graphical representation of “The Big House”, a popular nickname for Michigan Stadium, covered in icicles. The logo was unveiled via a posting on the Detroit Red Wings’ official Instagram account.  Once again Bridgestone, the title sponsor has their logo included.

The logo uses the exact same “Winter Classic” font as the other five Winter Classics, played annually since 2008.

All six NHL Winter Classic logos (2008-13)

Still to come will be the throwback uniforms each team will wear in the game, a source of mine from the Toronto Maple Leafs expected the Leafs to unveil their uniform in November although reports have previously trickled out that the Leafs will be wearing their uniforms from 1931 for the game.

Should the current labour strife between the National Hockey League and its Players Association be resolved in time, the Red Wings and Maple Leafs will square off in the 8th outdoor regular season game in NHL history on January 1, 2013.



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  • I’d be more excited to know if the season is gonna start on time

  • Brian Castner

    Drop the sponsorship from it and it would look good.

  • it’s nice buy i would have liked it more if they allowed the shape of michigan stadium to kind of define the shape of the logo, rather than confining it by the shape of that shield. i think this will work well as a patch on jerseys, just not as cool for broadcasting and advertising.

  • Ryne LeCompte

    Ours in Philly was way better. This is weak and I agree the huge advertisement is bad

  • ingmar66

    Too bad that the sponsor has to be in it. Otherwise the logo looks fine, with the red signifying the Red Wings and the icicles have a cool retro Flintstones look about them. Outdoor hockey is such a great thing!

  • I think this will join the 95 San José all-star game and the first ASG logo in Atlanta as NHL events killed by labor disputes.