Marco Scutaro Changes Jerseys Mid-Game, and Picks the Wrong One

Written By:  •  Friday, August 31, 2012
San Francisco Giants Marco Scutaro Wrong Alt Jersey Mistake Accident Grey

Early in the game, Scutaro in his San Francisco Grey

Thursday night, Marco Scutaro was exhausted, soaked with sweat in the humidity, in the game against the Astros. When he came in the clubhouse after the 4th inning, he quickly swapped into the other grey Giants jersey in his locker. Problem was, it wasn’t the “San Francisco” jersey he started out in. It was the Giants’ Alt “SF”

San Francisco Giants Marco Scutaro Wrong Alt Jersey Mistake Accident Grey SF

If you look closely, you can see his teammate in the background, wearing the San Francisco version

Oops. Scutaro, who joined the Giants in a midseason trade, can be excused for the mistake, especially since he only sported the wrong jersey for a half inning.

“I didn’t notice till I was in the dugout, but the pitcher (Vogelsong) was ready,” he said. “I thought, `Well, it’ll be one inning. Hopefully nobody will notice.’ ”

As it turns out, the jersey was a lucky charm, as the Giants put 8 on the board after his jersey switch to win the game.

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  • Brian Castner

    The Giants HAD a nice looking road uniform. Then they destroyed it and added that horrible alt road jersey.

  • Old School Fool

    The jersey he accidentally put on is far superior, anyways.

  • ingmar66

    A story for the history trivia books! I like both Giants road jerseys as a matter of fact,